KHARAZIM Guide - by dignitas/Bakery


   - by dignitas/Bakery (October 2015, Patch 14.0)


Known for his stellar Kharazim play, our Heroes of the Storm
support player Bakery tells you how to play Kharazim, what talents
to use, and even how to counter the monk.




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About Kharazim

- Strongest support aside from Uther
- Lots of mobility
- High skill cap

Kharazim is probably one of the strongest supports right now. His place in the meta is basically whenever Uther isn't up, you want to pick Kharazim, as just in terms of raw healing and supporting, he's the best. What makes him unique is that he's one of the only supports with a lot of mobility, which means he has a really high skill cap.

A good Kharazim player can get a lot more heals off than a not so great one, and that's quite different for supports. With heroes like Uther, it's very much click-to-heal, whereas with Kharazim you can do damage-to-heal with your passive, you need to use your E properly, he can position very agressively to either deal more damage and in turn heal more, or heal different kinds of people. His W is an area-of-effect spell, which synergises with his mobility well. In general, there's no hero like him - it took me a long time to pick him up, and finally people have aswell.

When he was first announced, he definitely didn't look like a full support. His W heal looked really small, his kit in general seemed much more suited to a damage hero, especially with his high attack speed, but as soon as I played him, the very first game, I realized how strong a healer he was. Then I told everyone I spoke to about how broken he was, although noone believed me at first.




Q - Radiant Dash
Mana: 30
Charge Cooldown: 12 seconds

Jump to an ally or enemy. Enemies are immediately hit with a Basic Attack.

W - Breath of Heaven
Mana: 60
Cooldown: 8 seconds

Heal nearby Heroes for 548 (130 + 22 per level) and give them 10% Movement Speed for 3 seconds.

E - Deadly Reach
Mana: 50
Cooldown: 10 seconds

Your next Basic Attack increases your Attack Speed and Attack Range by 100% for 2 seconds.

R - Seven-Sided Strike
Mana: 77
Cooldown: 50 seconds

Become Invulnerable and strike 7 times over 1.81 seconds. Each strike hits the highest Health nearby Hero for 7% of their maximum Health.

R - Divine Palm
Mana: 50
Cooldown: 60 seconds

Protect an allied Hero from death, causing them to be healed for 2500 (600 + 100 per level) if they take fatal damage in the next 3 seconds.

Q - Radiant Dash: This is a medium range ability. In general, this is mostly used to get more auto attacks off. Usually I use one stack to go in and I'll save one to go out, although the going-in one is not always required. The one to get out, you must always have, otherwise you can usually be killed quite easily. In general you want to use it to get a big proc of your E off, so if you see a tank that's going to be in a position for a decent amount of time, then you want to Q to them, and E. That will allow you to get a lot more healing off.

One of the less-used uses of Radiant Dash is in skirmishing or laning: a lot of people will dash to an enemy and they will get two auto-attacks off because of it: one from Radiant Dash and one general right-click one. The issue with that is that he attacks twice per second, so getting two off is very low damage actually. Ideally what you want to do is dash behind the target you want to hit when they're trying to run away, bodyblock them, and get as many auto-attacks off as possible. If you can dash behind your target, then you can get 5-6, maybe even more auto-attacks off, which allows you to trade much more effectively than just Q`ing onto them.


W - Breath of Heaven: This is Kharazim's main heal. It has fairly decent scaling, not the best, but the base value is quite high. It's an area-of-effect circle around you, which also gives 10% movement speed for 3 seconds. You can use it to chase and escape a bit, but the movement speed is not big. You want to be in range of as many people as possible when you use your W. 


E - Deadly Reach: A lot of people will pop this on cooldown, but you want to wait until you can stand still and auto-attack the entire time. That allows you to get a lot more damage and a lot more healing. 


R - Seven Sided Strike: The ideal usecase for this ability is actually if you can hit only one target, especially if it's a tank. If there is a tank that's alone in your backline and you press this ability, you almost immediately deal half of their HP, and that's a huge amount of damage, especially in the late game.


R - Divine Palm: The heal is a full lifebar on a carry, about half on tanky tanks. This is fantastic versus dive comps, as well as in sustained fights. If you're drawing out a fight, it allows your tank to go much deeper, because as soon as your tank is about to be punished, you can Divine Palm him. If the enemy is diving your team, and they blow all their cooldowns on killing a carry for example, you just Divine Palm that hero, they revive, the fight is reset, and your enemies have no cooldowns.

This is a great ability, but something that a lot of people don't realize about it, but are definitely starting to, is the fact that you can use it to prevent damage onto someone when they have low HP. The mark doesn't always have to proc, and this gets a lot stronger with the level 20 upgrade. If the enemy is chasing down a Raynor, and I put Divine Palm on him, he doesn't need to go back in, he just carries on running and will probably get out, due to the MS we can both give him. As long as he has 3 seconds to run away when your enemies can't attack him with anything, that means he's probably out. That is a usecase that I would like to see a lot more. 




Talent Choices

Level 1: Kharazim can actually pick his own trait at level 1, which is definitely unique for him, although I believe some work might be needed to fix it.

His first choice is healing: every third attack, he heals for a decently large amount, especially during the early game. The second choice is that every third attack, he deals bonus damage, and his third choice is every third attack he gains mana. In general, you can really only take the heal, I don't think there is a scenario to take the other two. 


Level 4: Protective Shield is actually fantastic: it's a key part of his kit, and to making people survive. You pretty much need to take that one.


Level 7: You usually take Echo of Heaven. It's a talent that makes your W (your heal) strike again 3 seconds later for 50% effectiveness. That gives you a lot more healing than you think. I'd recommend taking that pretty much every time, although Cleanse is of course an option.


Level 10: The choice of ultimate really depends on the game, both choices are really good. If you're more often than not trying to help kill someone, you take Seven Sided Strike, if you're usually in a position where you want to stop the enemy from killing your team, you take Divine Palm.


Level 13: I think Relentless is almost required, as it's a really strong ability. Although at first you might think that if you just play better, you don't need it, the key part about Relentless is that it allows you to stand in such an aggressive position and get as many heals and auto-attacks off as you do without them being able to punish you. When they try to CC-lock you, you have Relentless and you get out.


Level 16: I think probably the best choice is Circle of Life, which means Breath of Heaven's healing is increased by 10% for each hero in the cast range, so you can get 40% more healing sometimes just off this talent.

The other option is Soothing Breeze, and that removes all silences, blinds, slows and roots: it's a cleanse, but it does not affect stuns. It is also an area-of-effect, which means it's fantastic versus things like Sylvanas's arrow, it's great against things like Ring of Frost and Arthas in general. It obviously removes blinds aswell, so if they have a Johanna and you have Raynor, it's also really good in that case. 


Level 20: I really like both ultimate ugpgrades, but he also has Storm Shield, so that's a fantastic talent aswell.




Key notes

- Difficult to poke out
- Can zone very effectively
- Easy gank escape (Q charges)

Something very special about Kharazim in lane is the fact that it's very difficult to poke him out - it's near on impossible. Due to the sustain he gets from his passive and his W, he can pretty much take free poke, he can tank waves, and he really doesn't care because he out-heals it.

That allows him to zone very effectively: if you know where the enemy team are, and you're not going to be ganked by a lot of members, then you can pretty much zone anybody from XP, especially tanks. I think the only lanes that he has trouble with is actually Johanna because she blinds him and then clears the wave.

When you are ganked, it's actually quite easy to escape, especially when you have one Q charge up. If you have two charges up, then I don't think you can die as obviously as soon as you see someone coming, you can just Q to any minion that you want, you can Q another time if you have it, you can walk a bit and then Q - it really doesn't matter. He's really hard to gank as well as being really sustainy.




Key notes

- Seek free auto-attacks on tanks

Seven-Sided Strike:
- Stay on enemies' diving tank
- Use ult on single target tank

Divine Palm:
- Stay in middle of fight
- Use Q to get in ult range

In general, you want to be near as many people as possible with your W at most times. When you're not doing anything in teamfights, you look to get as many free auto-attacks off as possible, usually on their tank, as that allows you to get more damage and healing for your team. Other than that, your playstyle depends what ultimate you choose.

Seven-Sided Strike: You look to stay on their diving tank, if they have one. If there's a Leoric or Arthas or Muradin who looks to zone the backline and will be doing it alone, then you can use Seven-Sided Strike and kill him almost instantly with your team. That's what you look to do, you stay around your backline and look for that flanking tank. 

Divine Palm: You look to save your carry and for that, you should be stood in the middle of the teamfight. If they dive on your tank or carry, then you can Q to or near him and simply Divine Palm him. 




I think in general Kharazim is usually the best choice when Uther isn't up. You want to pick him specifially against things like The Butcher or Kerrigan, as that allows your Divine Palm to be really effective.




Key notes

Vs. Seven-Sided Strike:
- Stick together

Vs. Divine Palm:
- Try to burst a carry twice
- Waiting out mark isn't worth it

Playing against Kharazhim, the most important thing is when he has Seven-Sided Strike, stick together - do not go on your own, otherwise you're going to get chunked for half of your HP immediately.

When you're playing versus a Divine Palm Kharazim, ideally you would look to deal enough damage to burst a carry twice. If you have a super hard dive comp and you can dive onto a Kael'thas or maybe Stitches pull a Kael'thas, then the monk's Palm doesn't actually save him because the carry will revive and then immediately die again. That's some really nice counterplay.

I don't think trying to stop damage on a target that has received Divine Palm is actually worth it, because it gives them 3 seconds of life and usually you can kill them through the extra health anyway, unless the monk has mistimed his Palm quite badly.