A Guide to Mastering Jett with Pro Player Oderus - VALORANT Agent Guide



Tue 22nd Dec 2020 - 6:00pm

Perhaps the most intricate and delicate character in VALORANT, Jett takes a precise amount of skill and coordination to master. Although she’s quite possibly the riskiest agent to pick in VALORANT, largely in part to her incredibly high skill ceiling, Jett most definitely rewards highly-skilled players who are able to make the big play in a clutch moment. 

In this guide, we’ll detail everything it takes to master the character that could easily be defined VALORANT’s most notorious, and perhaps even hardest agent. With a little help from Oderus, one of Dignitas’ newest VALORANT players and resident Jett main on the team, we’ll cover the ins and outs of the agent, what makes her so incredibly strong in both pro play and solo queue, as well as how you can utilize her countless strengths in your climb up the VALORANT ranked ladder.

Why Pick Jett over Other Duelists?

The main reason players would be picking Jett over other duelists in the game such as Phoenix, Raze and others is largely because of her ability to shine in the right hands. With such a high skill-cap, Jett is the textbook definition of a “high-risk, high-reward” character. If a skilled player is able to perfect Jett, they’ll be able to very easily dominate games. 

Oderus: A lot of the other duelists - especially at the start of the round and the middle of the round - a lot of people are comfortable. There’s a meta on which duelist is going to do what, so you can predict things and play around them. You can’t really predict what Jett is going to do. 

Jett players will naturally have more opportunities to make plays thanks to the character’s high mobility and strong 1v1 potential. Whereas characters like Phoenix, Raze, and others see their abilities either utilize damage-focused or utility-focused throughputs, Jett strictly revolves around mobility and capitalization. 

Oderus: At the start of rounds - the first 10-15 seconds - are the most important for Jett players. Your team is going to be looking for you to create an opening. Usually on defense, you have those 10-15 seconds to decide what you’re going to do, and that can be a big opening for the enemy team. 

Additionally, Jett’s kit is extremely well-rounded. With horizontal and vertical mobility, a fully controllable smoke, and a high-damage, resettable ultimate ability, Jett truly has all the necessary tools to succeed on a round by round basis. 

Oderus: With Jett, though, you can’t really predict what her next move is going to be. You can do so much with her that the enemy team will have no idea what to look for and try to play against. That flexibility is very impactful. 

Mastering Jett’s Mobility

Jett is the epitome of mobility and agility when it comes to VALORANT’s agents, as her ability to dash between points and gracefully cover territory is unrivaled by any other character in the game. Jett is perhaps most known for her ability to cover a ton of ground both vertically and horizontally, and it’s tough for the rest of the roster to keep up with her in this department. 

Oderus: Jett players in solo queue think that they need to be explosive the whole time and they need to be going for frags. What makes a good Jett player is understanding what makes her good. If you’re a good Jett player, you can work around and work with your team really well. Teamwork makes the dream work. 

However, while it’s most definitely tempting to dash head-on into a potential skirmish, Jett’s E, Tailwind, is best used by dashing into a situation where the outcome will be certainly predictable. For example, dashing around a corner where you don’t know what’s on the other side isn’t going to be your best plan of action. 

Instead, try to make an effort to use Tailwind to reposition yourself into a spot where not only you know you’ll be safe, but also have a significantly advantageous angle.

Oderus: Jett has a lot of strat-based defaults. There’s not a lot of room for mess-ups. What Jett really adds is a lot of chaos. She’s really good at the start of the round, so getting that initial pick sets up a 4v5 for the rest of the round. That can really change the tone of a round, and eventually the game

Updraft is most definitely another risky move in many situations. Normally, the ability will throw off any spray patterns you attempt for whether you’re ascending or descending, so trying to use it in the middle of a gunfight is definitely something you want to avoid. Additionally, using it to get information by dashing vertically over a smoke or into a questionable location could easily get you picked off. 

Like much of Jett’s kit, it’s best to use Updraft conservatively and into a position where the outcome is predictable. Whether you’re getting to a higher vantage point or setting up some sort of flank, Updraft is one of those abilities that should really only be used when you’re totally safe. A flying Jett with little to no defense will be an easy kill for any quick-fingered enemy player. 

Oderus: The biggest tip I would have is at the start of the rounds, just really focus on what you want to do heading into the round. Jett has a lot of useful moves and you need to plan what you’re going to do. The better plan you have, the more likely you are to win that round. 

Additional Tips and Tricks

One of the most well-known tricks that Jett players will use is using her ultimate during rounds which the team saves. If you’re low on credits and need to save up for a round, Jett’s ultimate, Blade Storm, serves as a great damage substitute that can easily be used for quick picks. Getting a kill with this ability will reset all of Jett’s knives, making it extremely easy to snowball a round out of control without ever buying a gun. A skilled Jett player can take that momentum and easily turn around their own economy in the matter of just one round. 

Oderus: Jett’s knives are instant headshots which are so useful. There’s a lot of room for mobility combined with always getting frags. That’s always going to be a useful combination. Having that one ability on your side, if used will, can win rounds and even decide games. 

While Brimstone and Omen don’t necessarily have to be in line of sight of their target area when laying down smokes, Jett doesn’t have that advantage. What she does have, though, is the ability to curve her smokes in midair. Once the Cloudburst leaves her hand, Jett players have the opportunity to curve the smoke using their cursors. This technique is best used to get smokes into tricky angles or potentially even around corners without Jett ever having to show herself to the enemy team. 

Jett’s dash moves faster than any other ability in the game. She can move between angles at breakneck speed, allowing her to capitalize on opportunities better than almost any other agent on the roster. If you hear an enemy around a corner either prepping an ability or reloading, Jett’s dash can get her around that corner fast enough to potentially secure a kill.