Supamen speaks on the current state of Valorant, the circumstances surrounding Dignitas' roster, and how he sees the pro scene developing over time



Sat 14th Nov 2020 - 10:58am

After establishing a name for himself early on in VALORANT's lifespan, Supamen became one of the most talked-about names in the scene. Now, as one of the focal points of Dignitas' VALORANT roster, he's looking to lead the team to new heights as the game evolves. Earlier this month, before the signing of Bryan "mAKKALOFF" Drouillard and Chad "oderus" Miller, Supamen sat down with Michael Kelly to discuss the current state of the team, and how it fits in the overall landscape of professional Valorant.

The big storyline surrounding Dignitas right now is the ever-changing roster that the team is fielding. With Shanks and Poised leaving the team last month, the main roster finds itself back to just you, Dephh, and Psalm. How confident are you that the team will be able to find itself with 5 strong members sometime in the near future?

Supamen: I have to admit that it was challenging for us to find replacements after poised and Shanks left because of the limited number of free agents in the scene. With that being said, though, we’ve been holding trials and I really think we’ve found what we’re looking for. I have no doubt our team will be at the top soon. 

To further that point, how does the ever-changing roster of the team affect your chemistry as a unit?

Supamen: With poised and shanks leaving the team, poised especially who had been with us for a while. I think we know what we’re looking for with our last two remaining players role-wise. It’s going to be more about their roles on the team rather than judging by how much chemistry we’re going to have with them. I think chemistry is something that comes with time and I think there’s a lot of time for us to build that chemistry once we have an established five man roster.

Is it harder to build a foundation for the team with so much turnover?

Supamen: I wouldn’t say that it’s harder to build a foundation for the team. Valorant is still so new and the game-state is always changing so often, as well. 

Beyond that, has it been tough to transition into Valorant with so many ex-CS:GO pros in the scene?

Supamen: I felt like organizations and sponsors were more inclined to sign ex-CS:GO pros. But after competing for Team Homeless before we got signed to Dignitas, I showed that I could play just as well, if not better than them. 

You’ve had some really eye-opening performances throughout the course of the Summer, but at the beginning of last month, Dignitas was able to play really well at Pop Flash. What do you think made the team perform so well at that tournament in particular?

Supamen: I think in Pop Flash having five players with good synergy was a big factor as to why we played so well. We made the most out of the little time we had to practice with shanks, and Pop Flash gave us a perfect opportunity to showcase our potential. 

Speaking of other games like CS:GO, how do you think Valorant stacks up to other games in the FPS genre right now?

Supamen: I’m fully confident that Riot will put in the effort to make Valorant successful just like League. This game has so much more potential than other FPS games like CS:GO, for instance.

Do you think it will have as much longevity as a lot of its competitors in the esports scene?

Supamen:  In my opinion, Riot is 100% better than Valve and so many other devs. There’s so much diversity among the agents in the meta. All of that constant changing will, in turn, promote longevity in the game. 

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