Farewell Lucky



Wed 15th Jan 2020 - 8:03pm

Today Dignitas announces the departure of Super Smash Bros player Joey “Lucky” Aldama. Joey has been signed with Dignitas for two years. During this time, Joey didn't just bring joy to the Smash fans, but to all of the Dignitas community with his always positive personality.

While on Dignitas, Joey hit some great milestones. Right after joining the team he finished top 5 at GENESIS, and later won Hold That L 3 and House of Paign 22. Probably one of the biggest achievements for Joey was to finally beat his friend and rival, Mang0, at an official tournament as it happened in September at Mainstage.

One of our fondest memories with Joey was when we presented him with a custom made Dignitas controller to show him our appreciation for his commitment to the team. 

We want to wish Joey all the best and good luck in the future. We know that he will do well in anything he sets his mind to, and he will always remain part of the DIGfam.