Interview with HugS on his first time commentating Summit



Tue 9th Jul 2019 - 3:00pm

It's been a few weeks since our very own HugS took a step back from the competition and provided his insight to the game on the Smash Summit couch. Aside from his knowledge of the game, HugS added laughs and great chemistry to the commentary roster. Commentating seems easy enough, but finding the balance of entertainment, knowledge, and analysis is harder than it appears. HugS gives his insight to how the event felt and his commentary perspective.

Smash Summit 8 was a history maker and you got to commentate the event! How was the event and what were your highlights in terms of game sets? 

HugS: The event was awesome. A lot of people felt it was the best Summit yet. In terms of highlights for me, it has to be Axe in Grand Finals and also Axe over Leffen. iBDW beating Hungrybox was also a massive highlight. 

What was your favourite part about this particular Summit? What aspects do you enjoy the most?

HugS: Honestly, my favourite aspect was getting degen with a bunch of players in poker, everyday. Also, the burritos I could get just next door. Whenever you just needed a break, there was a brewery just across the street, you could just go and grab a beer. 

Tell us about your first commentary space on the couch.  

HugS: I had done commentary before at a lot of tournaments, but in the capacity of being a player. At Summit, it was my job to not be a player and be a commentator and it felt different. It felt like I had more responsibility, rather than just being able to get on the couch whenever I wanted as a player. I wouldn’t say I was nervous, I just felt like I wasn’t on the level of the other commentators.

(Photos by Beyond the Summit, Todd Gutierrez)

Did you prepare for commentary for that weekend?

HugS: The only way I prepared for Summit was to review the results of the players who were invited. After the Mang0, the final invite was decided, so I could finally check out the results and be familiar with what they’ve done. As far as preparation goes, I know the game and I know the players. Once I’ve checked out the results, I also know their histories. It was more about me feeling comfortable in talking about it when the time came. 

What was your favourite set to commentate and why?

HugS: That’s hard to say. For me, I feel like because there were no Samus’ present at the event, I can’t say that any particular set was my favourite. What I enjoyed was when I got to banter with people on the couch. There were certain moments that were funnier, and I was able to be myself and that’s honestly what I preferred.

What would you do differently if you were invited back to commentate again?

HugS: I would try and step up my analytical commentary. That was the feedback that I got the most; people liked my contribution in terms of humour and things like that. However, in terms of analytical commentary, I should really step that up. As a player, I play on feeling a lot of the time and my understanding of the game but I need to learn how to communicate that better so the viewers at home can understand how my brain is viewing the match.

(Photos by Beyond the Summit, Todd Gutierrez)

Would you like to do more commentary at other events? 

HugS: Yeah, I would but I wouldn’t say I prefer it over playing. I definitely don’t plan on switching over to commentary as a full-time thing, it’s something I’ll just try out here and there. Just like how Hungrybox does. I couldn’t play and commentate the same event; the only way I would do it in the same event would be if I was eliminated on the day and they asked me to commentate the following day. 

If you had to give advice to up and coming commentators, what would it be?

HugS: To be honest, I don’t feel like I’m in a position to give that kind of advice. What I do well personally is I know how to talk through anything about anything for hours, I’m comfortable with that and I’ve practised that on stream. So maybe that would help. I would direct them to more established commentators. They would definitely know more about it than I would.

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