The Roast of Hugo Gonzalez: A History!



Wed 19th Sep 2018 - 6:25pm

We are just days away from one of the first tournaments of its kind! We're being treated to a stacked lineup of Melee talent, fellow competitors ready to sink their teeth into Hugo 'HugS' Gonzalez, and free entry to anyone who wants to see the takedown of our favourite Samus player! With all this set in the sizzling city of Long Beach, California, it's set to be a juicy roast!

When this delicious idea came to life, it quickly became a hot topic across social media in a heartbeat. With speculation on the lineup, it has been one of the more anticipated tournaments aside from the usual super majors. Despite ranking 15th in the world, HugS has been dissed and roasted but has taken it all in his stride; even using these attacks to help his brand flourish. Aside from an impressive worldwide ranking, he also has a popular stream and his Twitter has become trendy and full of memes that the fans all love. This great sportsmanship has to be praised as it regularly gives us online entertainment, fresh rivalries and now, a tournament that might give HugS a little more heat than he can handle!

Hopefully, HugS hasn't bitten off more than he can chew, as tournament organisers have found some classic rivals and close frenemies to keep the roast levels as savage as possible. Luckily, traditional roasts allow the targeted attendee to throw some shade back and this event will be no exception. In the run up to the event, we'll be taking a look at the lineup, HugS' famous rivalries, enemy disses, and the players that can't stop teasing him online.

The Roast!

Ludwig, Vish, Chillindude, Tafo, and Dunk have been chosen as the lineup for the roast! Each boast their own unique stories and talents: Ludwig has become a prominent face in the comedic area of Smash and is an easy choice as someone who can make the audience fall on the floor laughing. Usually accompanied by Slime, Ludwig's solo material is still top of the range and will likely has some fresh jokes at the ready. Vish becomes an obvious choice when we realise that this is Hugo's housemate! Confident in the commentary booths and stressing an intimate knowledge on how HugS lives in his own home, Vish can bring more to the table than we might realise.

Chillindude has been a long-time rival of HugS and of course, we have all been singing 'Nice Shot, Hugo' since its 2016 release. Chillindude regularly ridicules HugS on Twitter and during commentary slots, which should make for an interesting live rendition of these jeers. Rumour has it, Chillindude has planned another diss track written specifically for the event. Tafo is blooming into a hidden boss in the comedy realm and is debuting his legendary stand up to the Smash community for the first time, specially catered to this event. Last but not least, Dunk is a close friend of HugS and has been for almost a decade. With a naturally hilarious and colourful personality, Dunk gives us the hope of a wide collection of embarrassing HugS stories.

With a relatively large tournament, capping at 256 attendees, we're set to see some remarkable players in the tournament bracket. Firstly, we have SoCal powerhouses such as S2J, Westballz, Lucky, Army and SFAT. Followed by non local challengers that include Zain, PewPewU and AbsentPage. To finish off this flavourful roster, we get to witness the long-awaited return from HugS farmer, Prince Abu and his fierce Samus-slaying Jigglypuff! Each competitor will be fighting it out for the $3000 singles pot bonus and the $1000 doubles pot bonus so we're going to have each player bringing their A-Game. Spectators that aren't able to attend venue have an appealing bracket to look forward to!

(Left: Chillindude submitting a teasing question to HugS' Dating with Daddy advice hour. Right: Vish making fun of HugS for taking so long when building his new computer)

The Streams and the Memes!

Before we can look at the historical roasts of Hugo Gonzalez, we have to look at the living legend himself and what he stands for. Although we should feel somewhat bad, HugS has been known to go out into our community and poke his own fun too! Sometimes, HugS gets himself into this sticky mess where he pounces on those who just want to enjoy their standard food and drink or even check their watch during top 8 sets. Some of HugS' most infamous moments include having his charge shot reflected back at him by Alex19, shaving his legs seductively on stream, losing to ChuDat on a regular basis, and getting 129th at EVO 2016.

It takes little effort to admit that HugS is one of the most entertaining competitors in our community; his social media and Twitch stream come packed with content. Both a curse and a blessing, this usually leads to new ammunition for his roasters. Historically, Hugo has been insulted for many reasons, be it he's 'old', his expensive tastes in food, beer snobbery, and his inaccurate Samus charge shots. 

He was able to transform these into a dating advice hour called Dating with Daddy, mukbang streams, one of which he ate a cake that he made with Chillindude's face on it, the 'Sub Pub' which is the name of his loyal subscribers, and the ever popular 'Nice Shot Hugo' emote. His stubborn nature and unique tastes in just about everything make him a breath of fresh air on social media but, also, an easy target.

(Left: HugS shaving his legs for his viewers, in the name of charity! Right: A fan favourite! A short video of his housemate MikeHaze laughing at HugS as he falls over during a race)

FaceRoll, Hat, Alex and ChuDat

Regardless of whether HugS brings some of this heat on himself, his friends and fellow competitors just won't let him forget his losses in Smash. The greatest example of this was the diss tracks. In 2016, Chillin famously recorded Nice Shot Hugo as a result of a sub goal. With PapaPaint on video editing and Chillin’s previous experience in writing raps, it was set to become a Smash classic. Chillin brought up many of HugS’ losses, including Drephen, Far, and the titled four. With HugS in the firing line, he had no option but to recruit his friend and housemate, MikeHaze to shoot back. This ended up with the No Chill song soon after, promptly bringing up Chillin’s losses to Dunk, Gar, and HugS himself. Chillin finished off the trilogy with ‘I Rest My Case’; dissing Mike and his efforts to retaliate. The diss tracks propelled these three competitors into the spotlight; it encouraged and blossomed more friendly rivalries in the community. These tracks are still regularly rapped for fans at multiple events, most notably Super Smash Con's annual rap show.

We can't even begin to uncover the countless tweets, twitch clips, losses to unranked players, and the times HugS has made himself a target to his friends and fans. Nevertheless, he continues to be a lovable pillar in our community and will hopefully remain to be so for many years to come. Until then, we have the Roast of Hugo Gonzalez to quench our need to mock our guest of honour. With the tournament creeping up on us, the diss tracks will be just the tip of the iceberg.

Unfortunately, we're yet to hear a diss track emerge from HugS' lips but if it sounds anything like his karaoke streams, he could be doing us all a favour!

Catch The Roast of Hugo Gonzalez on the 22nd of September here and for more information, you can check here for further details! You can also follow HugS' Twitch and Twitter for updates on his daily ventures and Smash Bros. Melee career!