Interview With Lucky: Smash 'N' Splash 4



Tue 19th Jun 2018 - 5:00pm

Joey "LuckyAldama competed at Smash 'N' Splash 4, a waterpark-themed tournament held in Wisconsin from June 1st-3rd. Lucky had an unfortunate round one loss winner's side, but managed to go on a fairly successful loser's run landing him at 13th this time around. He had a hard time dealing with Peach at this event, but he's already making strides to improve for next time! Here are some of his thoughts about the tournament overall.

This was your first return to Smash ‘N’ Smash after placing 13th at SNS3, how do you feel about your SNS4 run (and also placing 13th)?

Lucky: Honestly a little dissappointed. I always have a couple little goals going into a big tournament and I'll be bit bummed if I can't keep up with them. Making Top 8 is one of those goals unfortunately.

How did your pools go? We got to see you play against Aglet on stream, were there any other remarkable pools matches for you at SNS4?

Lucky: I would say pools went pretty well, aside from a Ganon player who managed to take a game away from me. 

Princess Hyrule Photography - Smash 'N' Splash 4

Princess Hyrule on Twitter

How did you feel about the “controversial” TOing/lack of volunteers, having the top seed of each pool run their pool? Any thoughts on the subject?

Lucky: I think it's unfortunate to say the least. Staff or volunteers would definitely be among the highest priorities when organizing a tournament like this. I really don't mind helping at all, it's just a weird concept when we are having tournaments of this size every couple of weeks.

As more people start to join the Melee community, entrant populations and skill are going to rise faster and faster. How do you feel about the growth of community from a high level standpoint? 

Lucky: It's great honestly, players like Zain and Absentpage are really going to open the eyes to newer players. It takes hard work and dedication to be a top player and these guys are showing that anyone can do it.

Princess Hyrule Photography - Smash 'N' Splash 4

Princess Hyrule on Twitter

You had a pretty long losers run after unfortunately getting knocked into losers after WR1 against Cob. How do you feel about your losers run?

Lucky: The losers run went pretty well for the most part. I just feel like I could've actually gone a whole lot further if I had been a bit more prepared for Peach though.

Against Cal you won 3-1 and against Syrox you won 3-0, seems like a good day against Fox for you! How did you feel about these sets? You ended your set with Syrox with a bang! 

Lucky: I was grinding out the Fox matchup the entire week before the tournament, so I'm very happy with my results on those. I've openly said that Syrox is among one of the few players I actually worry about, even compared to some of the top 6. So I'm glad to see some results from the training! 

MeleeEveryday - Smash'N'Splash 4 TOP 24 LOSERS - DIGNITAS | Lucky (Fox) vs Balance | Syrox (Fox Blue)

You beat Bizzarro Flame 3-2, a pretty close set. How do you feel about playing against Ganondorf? Anything that you feel like you learned from this set that you can use for the future?

Lucky: Ganon is definitely a character I underestimate all the time, haha. So if I learned anything it's that I need to take the character serious and make him play at my pace. 

Lucky after a close set with Bizzarro Flame, MeleeEveryday - Smash'N'Splash 4 TOP 32 LOSERS - KYOTO | Bizzarro Flame (Ganondorf) vs DIGNITAS | Lucky (Fox)

Seems like SNS4 wasn’t the tournament for you to play against Peach with two hard losses to Cob and lloD. After your recent take about the match-up on Twitter, what are your plans for improving against Peach? Can we expect any exciting streams in the future with some MacD (or Kzhu/other Peaches) practice?

Lucky:  I actually talked to Kzhu that night about setting up more netplay sessions between the two of us. I'll be studying some sets on the matchup on stream and even talking to some of the top Fox players about the matchup. I want to be as prepared as possible next time

In Melee Doubles, you and Reno had quite the losers run as well! How did you feel about doubles with Reno this time around? 

Lucky: Funny enough, we lost to two different teams with a Peach on it. My recent tournament team losses have been to Peach as well, so I should've taken that as a sign that I've been slacking on the matchup. Our teamwork is getting better though, so I would say I feel pretty good.

You have been teaming with Reno for quite a while. How do you feel about having a more static doubles partner than most players? 

Lucky: It's a good feeling since you can really start to notice your partner's good or bad habits over time. Then try and work on them together as a team making for way better teamwork in the long run. So I'm looking forward to the future. 

Do you have any goals for Melee Doubles after SNS4?

Lucky: Definitely to destroy all Peach teams and to make Top 3 with Reno! Then take first after that goal is met, haha!

How was the rest of your weekend outside of competing? Enjoy the waterpark and friends at all, or were you mainly focusing on your gameplay?

Lucky: I was mostly focused on the competition through the day so I really didn't have the time to check out the waterpark. I made sure to relax with friends at night for dinner and stuff though.

If there’s an Smash ‘N’ Splash 5, do you think you’ll attend it?

Lucky: If it's the same weekend as DreamHack again, I really can't say. I do like the venue and all of my friends love the waterpark so it's a fun place to be when the competition is over. As a tournament, there is a bit missing with the handful of problems happening over the weekend. 


Princess Hyrule Photography - Smash 'N' Splash 4

Princess Hyrule on Twitter

Any shoutouts to anyone?

Lucky: Shoutouts are always going to Team Dignitas and the sponsors for being amazing on every level of support possible. Also shoutouts to my girlfriend, Deikumi, and to my sub discord for cheering me on every weekend as well. Their support is always great.