SIG publishes Q&A with DIG Rocket League player, Joreuz!



Thu 17th Dec 2020 - 7:33pm

Dignitas Rocket League player Joris “Joreuz” Robben was interviewed by SIG for their gaming blog Raise Your Game. Joreuz shared a lot of educational information about the game, especially for those who are just getting started in Rocket League.

Read the full interview here

From the gameplay basis, camera settings, to rotation and keeping the positive mentality, Joreuz covered a wide variety of topics to help players get better at the game.

“The best tips I can give for new players jumping into placement matches are to try to keep control of the ball at all times, don’t get tilted, don’t always trust your teammates, and, most importantly, have fun,” he shared.

Make sure to check the full Q&A here!