A Rocket League Guide To Different Flicks With Yukeo



Wed 5th Aug 2020 - 5:52pm

Flicks are a mechanic that comes in many forms. In fact, it is so versatile that it is almost compulsory that you learn them. Anything from backflip flicks to 45 degree flicks - you can guarantee that they will become helpful down the road.

The only issue for many players is that they are somewhat difficult to pull off. So that is why we got the help of Maurice "Yukeo" Weihs to discuss the importance of flicks with some top tips along the way.

The Importance of Flicks

As a lower ranked player you may be asking yourself 'Do I need to learn flicks, or are they an unnecessary add-on to my mechanics?' or something along those lines.

In response, Yukeo replies, "It is very important because it is a basic tool that can be very effective to score goals when mastered." The fundamentals of flicks come down to pure ball control. The video below by Yukeo goes more into depth about the importance of ball control and how this can help you master flicks.

 (Credit: Yukeo - YouTube)

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The Purpose of Different Flicks

So as briefly mentioned before, there is more than one type of flick. For example, there are:

  • Front flip flicks
  • 180 degrees backflip flicks
  • 45 degree flicks
  • Musty Flicks
  • Breezi Flicks
  • Even turtle flicks.

But what is the point of having different flicks? Well, in terms of power, there is not much of a purpose. As Yukeo states, "As long as you have momentum before you flick the ball you should be able to get the same amount of power with any flick."

However things really start to change when it comes to placing shots. As said by Yukeo, "Some flicks are good to change the direction of the ball and also mindgame your opponent. A 45/90 degree flick for example." 

A flick where you turn your car to the right and flip left will cause the ball to go to the left side of the net with some great speed and vice versa for the other side.

The Least Effective Flick

So when there are variants of a certain mechanic, there are always variants that are better than others. The same goes for flicks, and that means there are flicks that are not so great as others.

According to Yukeo, the least effective flick type is "a normal front flip flick because you can't change the direction of the ball and don't have an angle to dribble."

The effectiveness of a flick comes down to a few factors:

  • Where the ball will be places after your flick
  • The power of the flick
  • The angle of the flick

And, as Yukeo states, "How difficult it is for your opponent to read what you are attempting to do. That's why I would say a 180 degree backflip flick would be better than a front flip flick as long as you can do it consistently."

Aiming For 'Top Bins'

If you are wanting to aim for the top left or right of the net, which flick would be best for that? Well, according to Yukeo, "I personally like the 45/90 degree flick for that the most. I would say any flick you feel the most comfortable with, and getting a lot of power while still aiming it where you want it to go."

Musty And Breezi Flicks

Musty and Breezi flicks are two completely different flick types to the usual flicks you would perform. As for a Musty flick, this is where you backflip into the ball so the ball gains a lot of forward momentum. But it would be best for the creator of the flick himself to explain in the video below.

(Credit: amustycow - YouTube)

As for a Breezi flick, this is a tornado spin (air rolling either left or right and diagonally turning in the air) converted into a backflip flick. This is much more difficult than a Musty flick, so a thorough tutorial is below.

(Credit: Fieldz - YouTube)

But let's talk about the effectiveness of each of the flicks with Yukeo. He states, "I think musty and breezi flicks can both be really effective in a game. A lot of people say it's just for style but I disagree with that. In my opinion, with really advanced flicks, you can mindgame your opponents a lot better because they don't expect you to do stuff like that, but the difficult part is being able to execute them both consistently with a lot of power."

The same goes for any flick in the game. Practicing any flick regularly will mean you are more likely to become consistent at that flick. As soon as you become consistent on any flick, they become much more dangerous for the other team.

Yukeo's Personal Favourite And Top Tips

When asked for his personal favourite flick, Yukeo replied, "My current favourite flick type is the Breezi Flick actually, just because of the fact that it feels nice to score one and that I want to push myself to do more advanced stuff over time."

As for his top tips, Yukeo responded, "Having really good ball and car control on the ground. Being able to keep the ball on your car for as long as you want should not be a problem whatsoever. I also recommend just going for flicks all the time in free play or playing a lot of 1s in order to improve quicker."

So to wrap things up, there are a lot of flick types with different effectiveness and purposes regarding shot placement. The best piece of advice would be to try them all out and see which you prefer. From there, attempt it in free play and increase your consistency.

As Yukeo suggests, playing 1s is also important, as flicks are a huge part of this game mode. So get practicing and you will be climbing those ranks even faster!