Double Jumps - A Rocket League Guide On Mechanics With Yukeo



Sun 16th Feb 2020 - 1:00pm

Ceiling shots, flip resets, double touches off the backboard; it's all you see on social media. Clips of freestyle professionals are shown everywhere and as they're so visually appealing, so many players attempt to replicate them. It's difficult to find a lobby where a fancy shot such as these aren't attempted by at least one player. Though these mechanics can be useful when mastered, the basics are shoved to the side because, to put it simply, they don't look as cool.

But it is unquestionably important to work on your basics too. One major example of a basic mechanic that is overlooked is double jumping. Sure, it might sound as simple as tapping the jump button once, and then again, but there is so much more to this mechanic that players in higher ranks ignore. I received the help of Maurice "Yukeo" Weihs to answer a few questions regarding the subject from a professional's point of view, to prove the effectiveness of double jumping even in those high ranks.


The Importance of Double Jumping

When asked how effective a standard double jump is, Yukeo responded, "A standard double jump in Rocket League is key for aerials. If executed correctly, you will be able to reach more speed and height than the majority of players."

Regarding aerials, then, Yukeo expanded with, "It maintains your speed and makes you not have to waste as much boost. Rocket League is a momentum game, so if you are able to double jump while keeping all the momentum and angle towards the ball, you are most likely doing everything correctly."

Aerial plays are linked very closely to double jumps. More precisely, fast aerials are linked mostly with double jumps. To perform a fast aerial, you should boost just before you are wanting to take off. Then, quickly tap the jump button once, aim your car's nose into the direction you want, and tap it again to perform a double jump. As Yukeo claimed, this is a fantastic way to maintain your momentum, especially since momentum plays such a large part in the game. If you would like to find out more on this, feel free to check out Momentum in Rocket League - A Guide By Dignitas.

Alternatively, the coach of Dignitas' Rocket League team, Virge, has made a very insightful and useful video all about fast aerials, going into a lot more depth and understanding if this is something you find yourself interested in.

(Credit: Virge - YouTube)

Making another note on the effectiveness of double jumping in relation to your aerial game, Yukeo states, "I think it's super important to make sure your fast aerials are always timed and angled correctly for maximum speed. If you are good in the air, you will win challenges that can put your opponent out of the play for a long time. Basically, in general, if you want to be a high level competitive player, you should have a strong double jump aerial ability."

Double Jumping vs. Flipping

So when would you know when to double jump into the ball and when to conserve your second jump and flip into it? Well, this is entirely situational. As Yukeo claims, "There are some situations where flipping into the ball is better than double jumping. If you see you have time and your opponent is waiting for you to do something, taking your time and going for a flip shot will have more consistency and power." 

There are situations, however, where double jumping is the better alternative. For example:

  • When the ball is too high to reach with a flip
  • When you are wanting to set up an air dribble
  • When you are looking for more control over the ball while in the air

Another factor you should take into consideration is the speed the ball is moving at. Yukeo elaborates by saying, "If the ball has barely any speed, flipping into the ball is recommended because it's more consistent for power. However, if you hit the ball correctly you should always be able to get a good amount of power on the ball by double jumping".

In a nutshell, you should go for a flip shot when you wish to hit the ball with more power and when the ball is not moving too quickly and vice versa for double jumping. It is pretty hard to label one better than the other as they are equally as effective as each other, but completely situational.

Other Uses for Double Jumps

Double jumping isn't just something you do to get more momentum on the ball, though. There are plenty other uses for this simple mechanic that players often forget about. For example:

Passing Plays

In a scenario where you are in a lobby with one or two teammates, passing plays are always on the table. Yukeo suggests "If your teammates boom the ball towards you, double jumping could be beneficial to drop it down to them and can create a nice looking teamplay."

There can definitely be some very effective uses for double jumping when it comes to passing the ball between one another. Whether this is dropping it down, or perhaps hitting it up so your teammate can go for an aerial shot. This is all assuming, of course, that your teammates are co-operating.


Surprisingly, players often forget they can double jump to save a shot going in the net. Many times, players often jump once, aerial for the ball, and try to flip into it to hit it hard across the field. This is because, as we've mentioned, flipping into the ball does increase the power and momentum that you give the ball.

However, there is one large disadvantage of doing this: boost management. Yukeo says, "If you time the double jump correctly you should be able to save any ball that goes up to the crossbar with 0-12 boost only. So basically it helps you out with saving your boost and not getting boost starved quickly in defence."

Remember to remember your boost! There really is not much of a point using a lot of boost going for a save that you could have cleared with a simple double jump, after all.


It's a regular ranked match and your opponent has bumped into you with so much momentum that your car travels quickly up and onto the ceiling. It is scenarios like these that you should remember your double jump crucially. Yukeo states, "Double jumping off the ceiling will help you drop down to the floor quicker and is an easy tip for better recoveries".


Basically, then, these three uses for double jumps seem very simple. That's the point, though. They are extremely simple and easy to learn; easy to implement into your gameplay right now. Like mentioned at the beginning of this guide, the basics are so overshadowed by the flashy freestyle mechanics that so many players forget about the simpler things. Just because they aren't as cool to watch as a ceiling shot double touch from your favourite Rocket League professional doesn't make them irrelevant. 

Backing this point up, Yukeo claims, "A lot of people in general are overlooking the basics nowadays. People are only looking at advanced stuff and forget to perfect their basics. If you are very good at the basics, that means you will be consistent. Adding advanced stuff towards that will make you even better."

We all came into this game learning how to move forward and jump. Then we learned how to double jump, and flip, and learnt how to fly the car. Yes, it is exciting to discover what else you can do, but take a moment to wind back the clock and make sure the basics are mastered to your full potential. You may just find that ceiling shot double touch ten times easier.