Interview With Dig RL Player ViolentPanda - Looking Back At Season 7



Wed 5th Jun 2019 - 9:59am

It's been a season with many upsets and surprises. Dignitas didn't play up to their own standards according to Jos "ViolentPanda" von Meurs. I talked with him about what his feelings were looking back at the season and got his thoughts on which games he thinks the team should not have lost. I also got his thoughts on who he thinks will win RLCS 7 this year. It will be interesting to see how the team bounces back for Season 8 and what they come up with during the "off-season".

With the season over for Dignitas, what are your thoughts looking back on how the team played overall?

ViolentPanda: We had a horrible first 2-3 weeks in RLCS, and it was hard for us to climb back after such a horrible start. We started picking up a little bit and started playing better. But it wasn't enough for us to make LAN.

Not many people would have guessed that the season would end the way it did for Dignitas - was the competition that good this year?

ViolentPanda: I am going to be honest and say that it wasn't. We just did not play well.

Were there some games that you were surprised that you lost or believe that you should have won?

ViolentPanda: The first series again Barca and the series against Triple Trouble in League play, I think we should or could have won. But sadly, we couldn't make it happen.

Any predictions on who you think will win the RLCS 7 Championship and why?

ViolentPanda: I hope it will be NRG pulling the win on this one. Garrett deserves to take one home finally.

With DreamHack coming up, how will you be preparing for that?

ViolentPanda: The same as we prepare for any tournament. Just practice and hope for the best.

How is the team chemistry now with Yukeo with a full season played together?

ViolentPanda: Yukeo really has been putting in effort to try and fill the spot lately. He has been playing very well.

Do you think there will be many roster moves before Season 8 begins?

ViolentPanda: I have a feeling there will be plenty.

What other things do you plan on doing during the off-season when you’re not playing Rocket League?

ViolentPanda: We don't really have an off-seasons with all the Dreamhacks coming up so we will see.

Thank you for taking the time to answer some questions! Is there anyone you would like to give a shout to?

ViolentPanda: Big thanks to Dignitas for putting us in a team house for the last 2 weeks of RLCS, even though we didn't qualify for Worlds. I have a feeling we could have ended up way worse if we did not have Dignitas put us there.

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