Post-RLCS6 World Championship Weekend Interview with Dig RL Player - Turbopolsa



Mon 19th Nov 2018 - 9:03pm

Dignitas went into RLCS6 World Championship weekend with a perfect regular season record. The team, consisting of players with the most combined World Championships, were regarded as one of the heavy favorites. I talked with Pierre "Turbopolsa" Silfver to find out what went right and what went wrong in each match over the weekend and how they're looking to the future and into next season.

The team came into Vegas with a perfect record. Did you personally go into the weekend feeling as though you were invincible?

Turbopolsa: Not at all. Coming into the LAN with a perfect record winning the two RLCS seasons before this makes people want an underdog to win. One bad day could end up badly for us. 

Going into the weekend. What teams, if any, did you feel like could give Dignitas a run for your money?

Turbopolsa: I thought that WDG and NRG was going to be a real tough fight for us with their previous records. 

What did practice and training look like for you guys leading up to the Championship weekend?

Turbopolsa: For me, consistent training is better than just grinding, so we scrimmed couple of teams every day in the evening at the bootcamp. 

Your first match of the weekend against Evil Geniuses went to a Game 5. What was going through your mind as that final game was about to begin?

Turbopolsa: "Oh no, I might lose to Klassux again"... On a serious note, they had, coming into this season, brought in Chicago instead of Chrome, which in my opinion helped them at LAN considering he really popped off. I still felt like we had that match under control even though we went to Game 5 and apparently I had the right feeling. 

Day 2 of the weekend went much smoother for the team, taking down FlipSid3 Tactics 3-1. How were you feeling after this series knowing you had secured your spot in the Winner’s Finals?

Turbopolsa: My feelings were the same after every series, "It’s not over yet" and we just got to take every game with 100% focus and to play our very best if we want to win. Securing top 3 is always a great feeling, but I aim for that #1 spot every tournament I play in. I'm a very competitive person since I was a little kid and when I lose you will know it.

You nearly swept We Dem Girlz in the Winner’s Finals, eventually taking them down 4-1. What do you think went so right for you in this match?

Turbopolsa: We hit the ball in the goal pretty much every opportunity we got. It felt like we had everything under control and never stressed about anything and that's how we want to play. 

Cloud9 ultimately ended up taking the World Championship. How are you currently feeling looking back on the final matches and what do you think went wrong in those final games?

Turbopolsa: Looking back at the game, Cloud9 really deserves the win. They played the best Rocket League they have ever played and it showed. Unfortunately, we couldn't give them the fight we wanted to give them as we crumbled in defense which meant that we had no offense at all. Even though everyone on C9 showed up, props to Torment for hitting bangers left and right and just being the god he finally showed he is.

Overall, how would you say that each of you played?

Turbopolsa: Excluding the Grand Final against C9. All three of us had the best season of our careers and I'm proud of that (first time ever for me to be on every accolades).

How would you personally sum up your experience in Vegas and the World Championship weekend?

Turbopolsa: Vegas was great. Met both new and old faces, the venue was awesome, and I generally had a great week.

What do you feel will be the main focus for you and the rest of the team in preparation for Season 7?

Turbopolsa: To stay consistent and practice every day as a team. That's how you win league play, by being consistent.

Thank you for taking the time to answer some questions!  Is there anyone that you would like to give a shoutout to?

Turbopolsa: Shoutout to Mel our manager who brings me water and bananas without asking for it!

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