Interview with #DIGRL player Kaydop



Thu 7th Jun 2018 - 10:17pm

Alexandre "Kaydop" Courant, is one of Team Dignitas' latest signings. Alongside his teammates Violentpanda and Turbopolsa, he is a reigning RLCS Champion, the biggest title in Rocket League. Over the course of his career, the Frenchman has delighted fans with his fast, passing-oriented playstyle, capable of unlocking any defence, and is a two-time MVP of the European region (an achievement matched by no other player).

This weekend, they will attempt to defend their trophy at the Copper Box Arena in London and hope to become the first team ever to successfully defend their title. Be sure to tune in to the Twitch stream over the course of the weekend to watch their journey to hopefully lifting their second RLCS trophy on Sunday!  

Welcome to Team Dignitas! Why did you choose to sign with Team Dignitas over the other organizations that would have wanted to sign you?

Kaydop: Team Dignitas is a big org in esports. It was always a dream of mine to be part of such a big organisation. We chose Team Dignitas because of this. We trust DIG and believe we can do better together than without them.

Who do you think are going to be your most dangerous opponents in your bid to win the World Championships this year?

Kaydop: I think we fear EU teams more than NA. In Europe, I think our most dangerous opponent is Renault Vitality or compLexity. I think Vitality is the most dangerous online but in a LAN environment, compLexity might be the best. In NA, NRG look really good recently.

Do you like the double elimination structure of the World Championship, or do you feel like another would be better?

Kaydop: Double elimination is perfect. Everyone has a bad day every now and then, and with this format, the best team in the whole tournament has the best chances of winning, and not be judged by only one game.

The event finally returns to Europe after many events in the USA, did you feel like NA teams had an advantage when the crowd was on their side?

Kaydop: I don't feel the crowd affected us too much. We were focused on our game and we know a lot of people were watching on Twitch too, and supporting us, so we gave our best with or without a crowd! But of course, it's always awesome if we have the support of a crowd, as in difficult moments, it can be really helpful to maybe gain some confidence! So no, I think we can't say that NA had an advantage with the crowd, and the two last winners of RLCS were EU and it was held in NA, so...

The OCE region has a lot of excitement at the moment, do you think a team from that region can finish in the top 4?

Kaydop: Yes, Chiefs look really good and really motivated to give their best at the LAN, so we will have to play them the same as the any other team. They have already proven they can beat everyone, so of course they can reach the top 4 and more!

When you formed this roster, did you think that you would win the next RLCS?

Kaydop: When we found each other with Turbo, Violent and me, we knew we could do really great things. We immediately got good results, so we were confident for RLCS.

What do you think is the key to your success as a team in the past year?

Kaydop: We play a lot in tournaments and in-game in general. We never take big breaks like a lot of other teams who can't find as much success as they did before their break. So, I think the main thing is we always try to be better and don't stop playing the game.

The universal open 2v2 tournament returns this summer, do you think that you and Violentpanda can win once again?

Kaydop: Yes, I think we can!

The one team that has caused you a little trouble recently is Flipside Tactics, what are their strengths compared to other teams?

Kaydop: Flipside play really fast and did some strange moves but it worked, so we were a bit confused playing them compared to other teams who play a bit more normal.

What do you think your greatest strength is as a player? What gives you an advantage over other players?

Kaydop: I try to play as smart with my team as I can and try to always improve. I think my advantage is my stream community. I play a lot of ranked and enjoy playing the game, so I can only improve with that I think.


Huge thanks to Kaydop for taking the time to answer a few of our questions. Be sure to check out his social media below and tune in from the 8th-10th June to see him and the rest of Team Dignitas in action in the biggest Rocket League tournament yet!