4 Landing Strategies with aL0W



Thu 15th Nov 2018 - 9:37pm

Every game starts the same, but not quite. You're thrown into a military plane that has a randomized route above the map that you've selected or the random map that you actually despise. In professional games, you'll quite often see the same landing strategy for different teams that have their own looting spot on the map, but their routes after they've looted the initial location will vary greatly depending on where the circle lands.

We wanted to look into the strategy behind landing and that's why we asked one of our two brand new players Aaron "aL0W" Lommen to guide us through these four landing strategies with his professional knowledge and experience from competing with the best in tournaments and scrims!

1) Hot dropping

Hot dropping is the first landing strategy that we'll cover. aL0W briefly covered what hot dropping actually is, "Landing with the knowledge that enemies will be with you once you land and you will more than likely have to fight them"

If you're fully committed to the hot drop, you're definitely at an immediate disadvantage if you don't find a weapon that excels at close-quarters combat. You can't be anxious about confronting your enemies since that'll definitely not help you. Your mentality is a big factor when it comes to these types of situations.

There are two options that you have when you're going to hot drop and engage in combat with another squad/player.

• Camp in a building that you think they'll pass or enter at a prime position. Windows are important to make your plan-B escape or to watch over streets that surround your compound.

• Rush the buildings where the enemies are. Only do this when you have intel on their position and you've found a weapon almost immediately after landing.

There's definitely practice involved since you need to be confident about your ability to aim and know the enemy's position. Try to recognize the sounds that footsteps make on different surfaces like wooden floors, stone, and dirt/grass. This will definitely propel you forward when it comes to playing in an aggressive style like hot dropping and could also be applied to many other different situations.

If you want to counter someone stalking you mid-air, aL0W told us, "You can pretend you are going straight down maximum speed and trick enemies into thinking you are landing with them and then turn off last moment and go somewhere else."

2) Long Chuting

Long chuting, as aL0W called it, is pretty self-explanatory. He said it's, "Pulling your parachute earlier than default pullout with the intention of flying somewhere far."

This strategy is relatively common for newer players that don't want action in the early game. It's a slower method of reaching a remote location but it's far easier for players with less knowledge about the game, which will cost you valuable loot time when the circle doesn't land on your corner of the map.

The upsides of this strategy are passive looting phases, more than enough loot for a squad if you loot correctly and a guaranteed vehicle spawn. Long Chuting does sort of act like a Double-edged Sword in some cases, with players trying to enter the zone being forced out by enemies that try and choke you out when you're reaching a chokepoint.

aL0W also referred to a popular Youtuber and pioneer in the PUBG scene called WackyJacky101. When asked about manipulating the parachute to your own advantage, he said that the previous version of the video shown below helped him improve his parachuting-skills a lot.


3) Alternative Hot Drops

Alternative ways of hot dropping are also a thing in PUBG. You don't see fully committed hot drops occurring that often in tournaments, but occasionally you'll see a team that'll try to sabotage a dominant team by stealing vehicles or cutting their looting route short. This method of landing definitely has a lot less risk bound with it compared to the normal hot drop but should still be carefully executed when playing against high-level opponents.

Shown above is an example of possible routes that enemies could take when you've seen them land at Mansion. If you don't want to fully commit to the hot drop, you can use your knowledge and the placement of the circle to your advantage by pre-emptively "guessing" where your targets are going or scouting for vehicles that have spawned and steal them before they get to them.

This landing strategy is absolutely useless when you're playing solo since there are too many options for each player to take. In squads, it's different since most teams will move in a fixed pattern and are easier to spot since you are playing with three teammates as well.

aL0W classified this strategy for us and also told us why, "Expert - Requires game knowledge of car spawns and how to parachute effectively along with knowing pathing to leave the town safely.

4) Default Drop

aL0W: "Landing on a vehicle with no one around you and driving to your loot destination."

This is an extremely common method of landing for professional players and is more effective than the long chute due to the velocity difference. Vehicle spawn knowledge is absolutely essential when trying this landing strategy out. Otherwise, you're definitely at risk of losing valuable time by landing in the middle of a field where a vehicle spawned last game and the next game it didn't.

There have definitely been cases of someone long chuting towards a town such as Zharki and an opponent being there around one to two minutes earlier since he dove straight to the ground and found a vehicle. If this happens to you, it's very hard to bounce back from, with the exception of getting a kill and getting loot from someone else.


There aren't that many landing strategies in PUBG, but we think that aL0W has given us some insight on how it should be done and what the requirements are. With that said we want to thank him for his time answering our questions and helping us to make this guide. We wish him and his squad the absolute best in their promising future with the backing of Dignitas and the Sixers.

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