PUBG coach didz on Dreamhack Austin: "We have the potential to win every game"



Wed 9th May 2018 - 9:52pm

Team Dignitas PUBG team has qualified for DreamHack Austin PUBG Showdown by winning the NA Closed Qualifiers. Our new lineup is off to a great start and is ready to fight for another first place in the main event in June. Their coach, Dylan "didz" Didiano, looks back at the qualifiers and tells us how the team is preparing for Dreamhack.

"First off I'd like to say that I'm extremely proud of our guys. They have only been playing together for a short while and we are already seeing good results," says didz.

With the team only having formed very recently, they didn’t receive a direct invite to the Closed Qualifier. They had to fight their way through the Open Qualifier, which didz remarks, “is generally really difficult in PUBG due to the amount of randomness you have to deal with when it comes to teams who may not be as experienced.”

As the coach, didz is responsible for making sure the team is in the right mindset going into every single game. The Closed Qualifier was a total of 10 games, and for many teams, a poor placement in earlier games can affect confidence moving forward. It’s important to didz that the team is able to reset after each game and make sure they always have the goal to win. “Regardless of if we win a game or end up with a poor placement, we always talk about what went wrong so that everybody is aware of mistakes,” didz explains.

An open atmosphere and ability to talk about mistakes and move forward is what helped Team Dignitas recover from some rough early games at the start of the Qualifier. “We keep our heads up,” didz says, “We are constantly reminding each other that we have the potential to win every game.”

During games, didz keeps a close eye on the team, observing from Adam’s POV and making sure to keep track of everything for the after-game discussions. Round 3 was a particularly strong one for Team Dignitas, racking up 17 kills and placing 1st.

But didz wants to make it clear, “we go into every single game expecting to win.” With all the randomness at play in a game like PUBG, it’s very important for the team to keep a winning mentality every single game. Round 3 was a definite boost of confidence for the team.

“I think the key to this game was that we took fights we knew were favourable for us, while also securing control of our side of the circle,” didz adds.

Onward to DreamHack Austin, the team will do all they can to prepare. This most likely includes a bootcamp, where the team can focus on LAN synergy and prepare for the teams they know are qualified. With some teams to be confirmed as late as Friday, the day before the event, didz admits there isn't much they can do about that: “We will have to dedicate some time on the Friday night while we are in Austin to look over the BYOC qualifier teams in time for Saturday's games.”

The team is going in with the mindset to win. didz explains, “we are not afraid of any other team, despite the amount of talent that our opposing teams possess. If we don't have this type of mentality then we simply won't perform as best as we can.”

A huge thanks to Coach didz for all the insight! We are confident that the team’s winning attitude will give them a good boost in the tournament and we wish them good luck! We will also keep you all updated on when you can catch our PUBG team playing in the DreamHack Austin Showdown!