Interview with Wookiebookie on joining DIG's new roster and his future in PUBG



Fri 11th May 2018 - 4:34pm

All the way from Denmark, Peter "Wookiebookie" Lassen joined Team Dignitas' PUBG roster coming from his previous team, Lumber Mill. Wookiebookie has quite the number of impressive achievements within the PUBG eSports scene, including placing 2nd at the IEM Oakland qualifier and the GLL Season 1 LAN Finals, getting 1st place at the most recent Copenhagen Games, and qualifying for Dreamhack Austin coming in at 1st place at the NA qualifiers!

We decided to ask him some questions about joining Team Dignitas, the future of him, and his squad working together and how to improve quickly in PUBG!

How do you feel about the 50-50 merge of Lumber Mill and STK?

Wookiebookie: I feel that we merged very well. With Gustav's in-game leading, it's very important that the rest of the team is able to hit their shots and pass information onto Gustav so he can make a quick decision. Adam and Civ are strong fraggers and their approach to the game is very similar to the way we played in Lumber Mill.

What have you learned from the GLL Season 1 LAN Finals?

Wookiebookie: It wasn't the first LAN experience for Gustav and I in Bucharest for the GLL LAN Finals, we have both participated in IEM Oakland as well as Copenhagen Games (which we won). But we did learn quite a few things from our mistakes at GLL Finals. Despite getting 2nd place, we played far from perfect and we still have things to work on.

How has the teamplay been developing with your new squad?

Wookiebookie: As a brand new team there are always going to be a lot of minor things that you need to get used to, but despite that, I feel that we are improving a lot in very short time. We go over the mistakes we make as a team after every game, even if we win games, there are always things to improve.

Has your coach (Didz_) improved your individual gameplay?

Wookiebookie: Didz had us look over some demos where we would spectate one of our teammates in that game and then the players would come up with constructive criticism and/or ideas on how to play things differently. Didz has mostly been focusing on the teamplay aspect, which I think is the most important for us right now. We are a new team of four highly skilled individuals, but we have a lot to learn about each other's playstyles and habits.

With the Dreamhack Closed Qualifiers coming up, how do you feel about your odds against other teams?

Wookiebookie: There are a lot of strong teams in the closed qualifier so it will be tough for sure. We believe we are one of the strongest teams in NA at the moment and we hope to prove that in the Dreamhack closed qualifier!

Has your practice routine changed since you’ve been picked up by Team Dignitas?

Wookiebookie: We definitely take everything more serious. We use a lot more time in replays to correct our mistakes and improve as much as possible.

What do you think that your squad needs to improve upon the most?

Wookiebookie: I think we need to focus on improving our teamplay/teamfighting. It's something that comes naturally from playing a lot together, like knowing when your teammates are backing you up, etc. Rotations and positioning is our strongest side and can hardly be improved upon if you ask me.

What new addition would you like to see added into PUBG to make the game even more popular?

Wookiebookie: I would like to see them add a better matchmaking system so that top players will meet each other in games more often. I would also really like to see some kind of progression/award system that grants you rewards when winning games or levelling up etc. Perhaps a "mission" system where you would get some sort of reward for doing missions like "Kill 15 enemies with an SMG". Something like that would keep both the casual and competitive players more interested in the game.

Looking forward, what goals have you set for yourself and your squad?

Wookiebookie: It's going to be tough as a new team but we aim to become one of the best teams in the world. It's not going to happen overnight, we need to put in a lot of work. I truly believe everyone on the team is capable of competing at the highest level and win championships. I don't have any specific personal goals besides being the best player I can be in order to elevate the team's level and make us stronger as a whole.

A lot of people want to know how to improve quickly. To wrap up this interview, can you mention three mistakes that a lot of players make at lower levels and what they should do instead?

Wookiebookie: Map/Circle awareness. A lot of players forget to pay attention to when the blue starts moving and whether they have any vehicles at their disposal when the blue zone comes in. If the white circle is on the other side of the map, then you are going to have a bad time. Pay attention to the timer at the bottom right, above the map and plan ahead of time where you want to move.

Vehicle Spawns. Most new players are not aware exactly where the vehicles spawn. This can lead to new players dropping on a road with little to no vehicle spawns and end up having to run for hundreds of meters to the nearest houses. There are maps online that will show you exactly where vehicles spawn. If you are aware of that before dropping in, it can greatly optimize your gameplay.

One of the most common mistakes for players is that they often put themselves in situations where they will have no chance to fight back. To give an example of this: if you want to get into the zone, but the straight line towards the zone is through the middle of a field. Try to avoid the open areas and instead move around to places where you're covered around you so in case you get shot at, you can take that cover and fight back.

Any shoutouts?

Wookiebookie: Shoutout to "Bootless" and "Lundborg." I grinded top10 on the duo leaderboards with both of them way before I started playing competitively, which kept me interested in the game and I am grateful for that!

We want to thank Wookiebookie for taking his time to answer these questions and wish his whole squad the best of luck at the Dreamhack Austin LAN event that's starting on the 1st of June!

You can find Wookiebookie on Twitter.