PUBG's 2018 Roadmap - Ziphon on New Maps, Weapon Adjustments and Other Changes



Tue 13th Mar 2018 - 8:29pm

Bluehole has finally announced the development plans for the future or as they call it their "Roadmap" for 2018. This roadmap has been received with mixed reviews from normal players to professional players - leaving us wondering what one of our very own star player's opinion would be like. That's why we asked Ziphon to review this "Roadmap" for us and what his thoughts are on the matter of PUBG's future development.

 Thoughts on the new maps

The first map that PUBG will add to its roster next month is the 4x4km map that's made me excited since it's half the size of the current maps allowing for more intense and fast-paced games, something you don't find in public games on the larger maps. The only things I'm worried about are the settings of the circle and the amount of cover that you may find on the new map, since the latter didn't succeed on the previous map, Miramar.

The points I mentioned especially affect competitive play, since it'll be very hard to survive later in the game if the map ends up in a style like Miramar, but I think it'll take a while until either of the new maps hit the competitive scene especially after what we saw at IEM Katowice this year - not even using the Desert map.

Concept art for the new 4x4km's jungle map. Full resolution image

There was also a second map announced that we don't know the specifics of yet, but we know that it'll be the fourth map that comes into the rotation and the map being 8x8km's in size. Since we don't know much about this fourth map I would just like to see that they don't add too much dead content like they did with Miramar and focus on rotations/fighting rather than just making a good looking map.

Public game map rotations should stay the same as they currently are, with an equal chance of getting any map and not being able to select them from your personal rotation or remove them. If they'll add a choice of what map you want to play, I think a lot of people won't select Miramar anymore because they think it's a worse map, making it harder to queue up for players that enjoy Miramar.

Weapon Adjustments

I was satisfied to see new weapon adjustments - even though they haven't given us any specifics. I think the game could really adjust some current weaponry to make the game more balanced but should also stay consistent with new content.

7.62 Ammunition (Used for the DP-28, M24, Kar98k and the AK-47) at the moment feels kind of weak in comparison and could possibly be fixed by making the game a little more realistic by making the Scar-L that's currently in-game a 7.62 weapon because it's a 7.62 weapon in real life as well.

Concept art showing a weapon - rumours have it that it's an FN Fal

With the Miramar (1.0) update, they tried to revitalize the pistol slot by adding a more powerful revolver and a sawed-off shotgun which is the only shotgun yet to be released in the pistol slot. I think since it's bound to Miramar and not that effective, it was hyped up but just died off. That doesn't mean they can't buff the weapon or make more options for the pistol slot like a Desert Eagle that'll be very hard to use but actually be viable due to having a high amount of damage per bullet.

My hopes for new weapon attachments are that they'll either make extra attachment slots for new weapons and nerf the base stats, or that they'll make new attachments to buff weapons that are currently used less because they're bad.

Vehicle/Limb Penetration

This roadmap also announced that they're developing Vehicle/Limb penetration kind of like Counter-Strike. I love the idea of Limb Penetration since it'll remove the "Wonder Woman" glitch where you could block bullets with your arms resulting in you taking 1/3rd of the damage that you should actually have taken.

Limb penetration won't have that large of an effect on the overall game as most players won't position themselves in a line behind each other and you shouldn't push compounds like that either. I think it'll only add fun or crazy clips of people's livestreams.

Vehicle penetration is different, since especially later in the game we use vehicles as our mobile defense and rotate with them since it's a lot safer in a competitive environment. This change may make it easier to kill people behind vehicles but also while they're driving because sometimes it's very hard to hit someone - for example someone in a UAZ with a hard-top.

Parachuting Overhaul

PUBG has already changed the way parachutes work in patch 1.0 but apparently, they're still not happy with the way they currently work. I personally despise the way they currently work since they feel very glitched and not fair at all. A lot of the time you take fall damage from the smallest height drops which gives you a disadvantage from the start making you more vulnerable to early fights and force you to waste the first boosters you find.

In my mind, the ideal situation would be a parachuting system that's also viable for longer distances, so you can reach every side of the map and aren't held back by the random flight path that changes every single round. It would allow for many more tactics to be used and it'll force multiple teams to fight over the same place more than it currently does.


The PUBG roadmap gives us some insight into the future development plans and is the start of regaining confidence in the developers behind the game. We want to thank Ziphon for taking his time to review the Roadmap and for more content, stay tuned with Team Dignitas!

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