SpajKK's guide on Aim Improvement and Gunplay



Mon 29th Jan 2018 - 6:59pm

Aiming is still one of the hardest parts of PUBG to master, but even though it may be a hard and long process it is one of the major components of the game that allows you to get more of those tasty chicken dinners! Most aspects of your aim are influenced by own preference and in-game attachments but still leaves very important underlining knowledge that can apply almost anywhere in the game.

This is why we've reached out to our very own Martin "SpajKK" Beneš to help us better understand on how to improve our aim and gunplay in PUBG. This guide has been made with SpajKK's knowledge that he has provided for us to get as good at aiming as physically possible!

Aim Improvement

The question gets asked so many times, how do you improve your aim? The answer isn't very easy to provide since, especially in games that use realistic ballistics like PUBG, there are so many aspects that you need to focus on. We'll be breaking down what parts are the most important!

Try to Look at Games Differently

Most games that you play, you're probably only thinking about getting as far as you possibly can in the ranks or to win. This is a good mentality to have but may cause you to lose focus on practice and remembering what you actually did in a game that went so successfully. Having a mentality of doing everything as practice for even greater games to come may help you since you won't get distracted as easily. Public games are the best place to practice. Drop at heavily crowded places (for example, School/Georgopol/Sosnovka (Military Base) on Erangel and Pecado/Hacienda del Patron on Miramar) and try to hunt people as many people as you can for the most efficient aim training in the game.

Shown above is southern Georgopol, one of the most populated areas that people go and drop. Due to the varying terrain of open areas and tall buildings, you can practice your aim in different kinds of ways here.

Gunplay Variety

It may not seem like it at first glance, but most weapons in PUBG aren't similar at all. Let's go through all of the important weapon kinds, providing information and my perspective on how and why to use them.

ARs: My favorite gun out of all the ARs must be the SCAR-L, on which I prefer to have the Vertical Grip over the Angled Grip due to the fact that the Vertical Grip has a lot more of an effect on the "jump" (vertical recoil) of the gun than the Angled Grip has. The SCAR-L has the lowest horizontal recoil out of all the ARs. My favorite playstyle is double AR, on one I almost always put a Red Dot Sight and on the second one I put a 4x or 8x scope and switch between the two weapons to quickly adjust myself to spotted targets. On the weapon that I use for close range, I prefer a Compensator and for long-range, if I can find it I always try to put a Suppressor on it.

On the SCAR-L and M416 I prefer to use the Compensator/Suppressor but on the AK-47 I won't use the Suppressor at all. Due to the AK-47 having so much recoil, you absolutely need a Muzzle Attachment that actually reduces the intensity of the spray pattern. The M16A4 can use all 3 different Muzzle Attachments quite fine.

Shotguns: I only play these at the beginning of the game since I'm really not the type of player that would use them outside of the early game. The choke is absolutely essential for later game use and the most important attachment due to the reduced spread. I personally always use hip-fire with Shotguns since ADSing (aiming down sight) doesn't really add much in my opinion. Just hold right click when you're going around corners to get the easiest kills.

SMG's: My favorite weapon type to pick up early game and get some free fast kills with. My two favorites are the Micro-Uzi and the UMP-9 since they both are quite reliable guns and don't need a lot of attachments. You can even use the Micro-Uzi without attachments but the Extended Magazine would definitely be the prioritized attachment for later game usage. On the UMP-9, I prefer the Vertical Grip and a Compensator/Suppressor just like the ARs but I definitely won't keep an SMG when I have found my 2nd AR.

Sniper Rifles: I'm really not a player that uses the Sniper Rifles a lot and prefer to give trade them with my squadmates for an extra AR. If there's no other choice, I'd prefer to take a Mini-14 or SKS since especially the Mini-14 is viable as a replacement for an AR.

Scopes/Iron Sights

AR's: These iron sights vary from very bad to really good. The SCAR-L is my favorite weapon but I really despise its iron sight and think it's the worst out of all the AR iron sights. The M16A4 is next with also quite a bad circular iron sight but it is a little bit wider than the Scar-L, so I favor it above the SCAR. The AK-47 and M416 have a great tiny iron sight that is really useful since you'll almost always use iron sights exclusively in the early game. The M416 is the best one due to its half-circle shape.

On the center of the screen is the AK-47's iron sight. This sight and the M416's allow you to see a lot more around it than the SCAR-L and M16A4 do.

Before the 1.0 patch, I would prefer the Holographic Sight above the Red Dot Sight due to the fact that you couldn't lower or up the brightness of your reticle. The Holographic has been a great help for my spraying ability in the earlier parts of my play time but has now been replaced by the Red Dot Sight.

For the M16A4, I prefer to only use scopes but since I'm not a big fan of single tapping and the ability to put an 8x scope on top of an M16A4, I prefer the SCAR-L/M416 above the M16A4.

SMG's: The iron sights/scope that you use on this type of weapon aren't really important except for the UMP-9. I prefer to always use hip-fire since it leaves a lot more space visible and you can clearly see where your bullets are going.

I also call the UMP-9 a "little AR" since it's a lot better ta medium range than any other SMG but suffers from a bad iron sight that's similar to the M16A4.

Snipers: I don't have the best knowledge about this kind of weapon but absolutely avoid aiming without a scope on these weapons.

Shotguns: Always hip-fire and never aim down sight. The S12K is the only shotgun with the ability to put a sight/scope on top of it but I wouldn't recommend this since it won't help you reduce your spread or anything.

Bullet Drop and Zeroing

Bullet drop and zeroing are subjects that are talked about a lot and some people prefer to not even use zeroing at all and instead just aim above someone, look where it'll land and adjust their aim with the help of the dots that are on the 8x and 15x scope.

On the image shown above, you see an ADSed 8x scope. Every black dot under the red reticle indicates the bullet drop per 100 meters when you don't use zeroing.

I myself prefer to use zeroing and have bound the increase/decrease zeroing keys to F1 and F2 since it's a lot more viable to use this way than having it on the default keys since I can use my left hand to adjust zeroing a lot quicker. It comes down to practice once again. When you've played a lot you can guess distances a lot and for newer players I would recommend using the minimap on the bottom right. Beware that your zeroing is bound to your scope/sight, so if you've only found one scope and want to use it on both weapons the zeroing distance will also transfer to the other weapon since patch 1.0. Other than that, there's no guarantee as to hit someone when you're new since you've got to get a feeling for distance and bullet traveling speed.

Examples are shown in the image above. Image courtesy of PUBGforums user Flosstradamus.

For ARs, the bullet drop is around 2mm for every 100m that the enemy is positioned away from you.

For almost all of the Snipers in-game, the bullet drop is 1.5mm for every 100m so if you would aim at a target that is 200m away and your zeroing is set to 100m, you would have to pre-aim 1.5mm above his head before shooting. Upping the zeroing distance nullifies the need to do this.

The AWM is the one sniper that greatly differs from the other ones, almost having no bullet drop and only requiring you to pre-aim 0.5mm above someone's head so as an extra example when someone is 400m away from you and your zeroing is set to 200m, you would aim 1mm above his head.

Our gratitude for the insightful input that he has given us in this guide. For more DIG SpajKK, you can follow him on Twitch and Twitter and for more PUBG content, stay tuned with Team Dignitas.