DIG PUBG in auzom Premier League Week 6 [VOD]



Sun 22nd Oct 2017 - 4:23pm

The auzom Premier League (APL) is a weekly PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds squads competition. The best 20 teams by points in the overall standings form Lobby I, the next 20 Lobby II, and so on. Last week our brand-new PUBG team came third in Lobby II and moved up into Lobby I, where the best teams of the league compete against one another. We had some rough early games, meaning we finish the week 16th overall.

- Match standings


Team Dignitas

Lobby I K P
Overall:   16th
Game 3: 3 18th
Game 2: 2 8th
Game 1: 1 18th


Game 1:

Game 2 & 3:

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