Bakery @ BBC's Wake Up to Money radio show



Tue 6th Aug 2019 - 7:30pm

As an industry expert, Dignitas' business development manager and the previous captain of the Heroes of the Storm team, James "Bakery" Baker, was talking about the business of esports at the BBC's radio show Wake Up to Money.

Full podcast (UK only)

Bakery was a guest in this early-morning radio show alongside Andy Payne, the chair of The British Esports Association, and Dr. Ying-Ying Law, Games Studies lecturer at Staffordshire University. The speakers were discussing the state of the United Kingdom's esports scene, gender inequality in esports, the impact of traditional sports, and more.

When talking about the representation of women in esports, Bakery made sure to let the listeners know about Dignitas' female CS:GO team and their success. He also shared how the resources of traditional sports available to us through Harris Blitzer Sports & Entertainment are of big importance in esports.

"In the same way sports athletes have strict cycles when they have to go to the gym, practice, and eat well with a diet set by a nutritionist, it's the exact same thing as we do at Dignitas," Bakery shared. "We work with 76ers sports science staff and we have practice schedules, a nutritionist, and a physiologist."

The full podcast is available for listening here, only for the UK audience.