Welcome Pt105, our new Clash Royale coach!



Tue 28th May 2019 - 9:14am

We are excited to announce James 'Pt105' Keresey will be coaching our Clash Royale team! Pt105 is reuniting with his teammates Eduardo 'TiltedEddie' Rojas and Jacob 'Frost' Connor Horsch and will help the team achieve more in the upcoming league.

Pt105 is 18 years old and is coming to us from Washington. His Clash Royale career has started in CRL Season 1 when he played for 100 Thieves. Pt105 has achievements outside of the scene, as he was a successful competitive chess player and has graduated high school with an AA degree when he was 16.

Pt105 - Clash Royale coach
"I’m extremely excited to be joining Dignitas for the second season of CRL. This season I am aiming to improve myself and my team drastically, and will do everything within my ability to accomplish that. I’m grateful that I’m able to work alongside teammates I’ve come to know closely over the past season and will not let them down."

Together with the new coach, Dignitas’ Clash Royale team is ready to take on a new season starting with CRL West group stage this Wednesday, May 29th. We wish them good luck and have no doubt a great season is ahead of us!

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