Top 5 Support Cards in Clash Royale by Trainer Diputs



Sun 2nd Sep 2018 - 4:19pm

Following the previous two Top 5s that we did (covering Win Conditions and Spells) with professional player George "Trainer Diputs" Galvin, we have now arrived at the Top 5 Support Cards that you can use in Clash Royale. Support cards are cards that fit in every deck currently in-game (with the exception of control decks) and are necessary for your push. Without them, your opponent can easily counter your tank and not worry about his troops getting killed. This Top 5 has been constructed with Trainer Diputs' knowledge and represents his opinion of the cards that we'll cover.

They are ranked from best to worst, but last certainly doesn't mean least if the card has made it on this list! Without further ado, let's get into the Top 5 Support Cards!

1) Mega Minion

Coming in at the #1 spot on this Top 5 is the Mega Minion (MM). Mega Minion is the best support card in the game 100%. In all beatdown types of decks, MM is used because of how strong it is.

It has a large impact when using it on defense and no cards directly hard-counter it, especially when it's positioned behind a tank. When you know your opponent is low on Elixir, the Giant/MM combination placed at the bridge can be such a strong punishing push. It has high DPS, good Attack Speed, Movement Speed, and costs only 3 Elixir, so in every aspect the card is amazing. It works best in Golem, Giant, Lavaloon, Loon Cycle, Xbow, Miner Ice Wiz Nado, and Hog.

2) Lumberjack

Our runner-up for today is the 4 Elixir Support Card, Lumberjack (LJ). Lumberjack is the fastest moving card in the game and has unbelievably high attack speed.

It absolutely rips apart any ground card and dropping a tank in front of it leads to a possibly fatal counter-push. The deadliest thing about this card besides its attack speed and DPS is the fact that when it dies it drops a Rage Spell on the floor which then increases the attack speed and movement speed of every nearby troop by 35%. This makes it so extremely tough for your opponent to defend against. It works best with decks like Golem, Giant, and Hog.

3) Electro Wizard

The #3 spot goes to the Electro Wizard (E Wiz). Electro Wizard is a super strong support but is almost always used for one main reason and that is to stun your opponent's Inferno Dragon or Inferno Tower, mitigating their damage since it's a channeled beam that becomes more powerful over time. It is a great support card but is easily replaceable with Musketeer, making this card a very good option but not a must-have. However, if you know that your opponent uses any of the Inferno cards and you have Musketeer, it will become a very tough matchup. 

This card fits in every deck except for control decks, as mentioned earlier.

4) Night Witch

Night Witch may be at the #4 spot on this list, but Trainer Diputs told us that it's his personal favorite. It also spawns two bats every few seconds which makes it have even more DPS.

Night Witch is Trainer Diputs' personal favorite due to the card excelling at baiting out the Poison Spell Card since the Night Witch constantly spawns Bats around herself.

This results in a very deadly push when the Night Witch is behind a Tank, overwhelming your opponents due to the number of smaller minions (Bats) it spawns and making it very hard to defend.

It works best with Golem and Giant, but when it's paired with Lumberjack it results in an amazing combination because when the Lumberjack dies and the Night Witch gets in the Rage Spell, it's so hard to counter it.

5) Musketeer

Last but not least, taking the #5 spot, is the Musketeer. Musketeer is probably the highest skill cap support card in the game due to it having such a long range and high DPS that if used right it can snipe cards from far away and get a lot of value while standing at a safe distance. The positioning of the Musketeer is so crucial since they shouldn't be able to kill both your Musketeer and other defenses with only one Spell Card.

Try to always set up the positioning of your Musketeer so they can't effectively use a Spell Card against you (where the Spell destroys two or more of your Cards), then you are set up perfectly for a counter push. Musketeer does a lot more damage than E Wiz which makes it a superior choice if you're used to playing this card and know how, when, and where to place it best!

Musketeer works best in Giant and Hog decks.

This concludes Trainer Diputs' Top 5 Support Cards! We want to thank him for answering all of our questions regarding this subject. The #DIGClash roster was locked recently and you can find Trainer Diputs and his squad competing in the European CRL soon.

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