Interview with #DIGClash Analyst, Ender



Wed 18th Jul 2018 - 12:33pm

With CRL lurking in the distance, #DIGClash Coach BenTM decided that Ignacio "Ender" Gascó Roselló was the perfect addition to the current DIG Clash Royale roster. Having previous experience as an analyst for Valencia eSports makes him a knowledgeable asset to the team and we talked to him about his new endeavours with Team Dignitas, his role as an analyst within the team, and more.

Congratulations on joining DIG! How does it feel to get recognized and picked up by a team like Team Dignitas?

Ender: Joining Team Dignitas has been a dream coming to life. It is a great honor to have my work appreciated by such a team and to have been given the opportunity to represent them together with my teammates Ben, Max, Diputs, and Karnage.

How did you hear about Clash Royale and what part of the game attracted you the most?

Ender: I found out about Clash Royale’s existence due to playing Clash of Clans, another Supercell game. What first attracted me about Clash Royale was the completely new game concept that it came up with, where you could enjoy a game anytime from anywhere with just a mobile phone.

How does Clash Royale compare to other esport titles?

Ender: I think the biggest strength of Clash Royale with respect to other esports is the game platform being a phone/tablet. While playing games such as League of Legends requires you to have a computer or Rocket League which creates the need for a PS4. Not everybody has these platforms, while nowadays who doesn’t own a phone?


How did you become an analyst?

Ender: I decided to become an analyst when I realized that in the matches I enjoyed counseling my teammates about gameplay (what deck choose, etc.) more than playing the game itself. I have always liked strategy and learning to apply it to Clash Royale has become one of my passions.

What are your goals for the future with Team Dignitas?

Ender: My biggest goal right now is to win CRL with my colleagues. And in a more immediate manner, becoming a team worthy enough to represent Team Dignitas.


You and Karnage both have Spanish as your first language while the rest of the team doesn’t. Do you feel like there is a language barrier or has everything been going smoothly?

Ender: Definitely not, since the first moment both Karnage and I have been warmly welcomed and at no time has the language barrier been a noticeable problem. On the contrary, there is a very good environment between all the teammates independently of where we are from.


What’s the most important task that an analyst has in Clash Royale?

Ender: I can’t pick a specific one. Personally, the two most important tasks are having good scouting of the opponent (meaning gathering the maximum information possible of the enemy players and their strategy). Secondly, learning to work well with the coach to create the best strategy possible for the match using all the information available from opponents and our own players.

What do you think about the current state of Clash Royale? 

Ender: I think with the creation of CRL, the competitive state is more lively than ever. Furthermore, the great work that Supercell is doing by introducing new content like the recently added clan wars makes casual players as hooked on the game as the first day.


Do you think that Supercell took the right route for balancing the meta? What changes would you like to see? 

Ender: I think the changes done lately are well aligned with the problems. However, I would like to see more card changes in rarely used cards, as a perfect balance implies being able to use any game card and nowadays this is not the case. Personally, I would like the hunter’s life to be raised, reduced tesla damage, increased rocket damage, among other changes.

Any final words to wrap up this interview? 

Ender: Only that I am really happy that Team Dignitas has granted me this opportunity and that I am going to give it my best to repay the trust they have given me.

We want to thank Ender for taking his time to answer these questions and letting us know more about him and his thoughts on the game and the CRL.

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