MaxLaMenace qualifies for Geek Days Cup 2018!



Sun 13th May 2018 - 10:13pm

This weekend our brand-new French Clash Royale player participated in the qualifiers to Geek Days Cup 2018, which is 3,500€ tournament held at the Geek Days convention in Lille, France, on 26th & 27th of May. His first attempt was thwarted by player Lemon Tea just one round short of qualification. In qualifier #2, Max was successful, making it into the top8 and thus qualifying for the main event group stage!


DIG MaxLaMenace

Qualifier #2 - Single Elimination
Quarter Final: [0:2] vs Doberman
Round of 16: [2:0] vs Alban_CR
Round of 32: [2:1] vs galadriel
Round of 64: [2:1] vs Aristide35
Round of 128:     BYE
Qualifier #1 - Single Elimination
Round of 16: [1:2] vs Lemon Tea
Round of 32: [2:0] vs Hercule62
Round of 64: [2:0] vs épona59
Round of 128:     BYE