Interview with BenTM, Head Coach of #DIGClash



Mon 14th May 2018 - 6:17pm

Team-Dignitas has ventured into the world of mobile Esports, having picked up two new players and a coach for the brand new Clash Royale lineup! We've had the chance to sit down with the coach Benjamin "Ben™" Rogers from the UK to ask him about joining Team Dignitas, the future of the blossoming mobile game competitively, and more!

How does it feel to get picked up by Team Dignitas?

Ben™: Simply put: life changing. Having the opportunity to work with/for an organisation like DIG is a dream come true.

What does Team Dignitas change for you?

Ben™: It changes everything. From the way I work to the way I live. They’ve given me the tools and the opportunity needed to take my career to the next level.

How do you feel about gaining the support of the Sixers?

Ben™: I've been a sports fan my whole life, actively playing and watching. Knowing that I have the support of one of the biggest names in global sports is surreal. They present boundless opportunities and I honestly feel like, with them by my side, the sky is the limit!

Are you confident in the future together with Trainer Diputs and MaxLaMenace under the Team Dignitas banner?

Ben™: The European region of CRL, with the players named so far, is arguably the strongest so it’s going to be tough. But with the players that we’ve picked up and the ones we are recruiting I can say with full confidence that the future is looking golden.

Did you think Clash Royale was going to get recognition in the eSports scene when you first started playing it?

Ben™: If you’d told me, a little over two years ago when I downloaded a mobile game that a friend told me about, that this game would change my life, I would’ve looked at you with the most obtuse blank expression. Truth be told, before Clash Royale, my knowledge of eSports was the bare minimum but having connected with so many people in my Clash ventures it’s opened my eyes to the competitive gaming world.

With the Clan Wars update released, do you think it could be turned into a competitive mode?

Ben™: Definitely. I can see the potential but it needs a little bit of tweaking in regards to the number of battles you get and the ability to have organised wars against clans of your choosing before it’ll be ready for the competitive scene. Other than that, the new game mode has brought life to the game for a lot of people that were slowly going off of it.

What kind of updates would be best for the game’s competitive nature?

Ben™: One thing that has been needed for a while is a tourney system revamp. The current tourney system within the game is lackluster to say the least. Along with that, I would like a game mode that gives us the ability to create team-based scrimmages. We got a taste of that with the clan wars update so let’s see how they develop/build on that.

How do you think about Clash Royale’s future?

Ben™: With CRL looming and the updates they’ve pushed out and that are in the works, I feel Clash Royale is in a very promising position right now. The future is looking bright and I can’t wait to see how the game develops.

What do you think about the current meta and how could it improve?

Ben™: Right now, I feel like the meta is in an okay position. However, I, along with a rather large portion of the community, felt like the spam factor of decks like Mortar bait, for example, is a big issue. Personally, I feel that the Spear Goblins could have been hit a bit harder in the latest round of balance changes.

How have you been preparing for the CRL with the other players?

Ben™: We’ve mostly been practicing mechanical plays and discussing potential combine recruits. But it’s going to be a grind in order to get prepared and ready for when the league starts, however, things are looking positive.

What’s your main focus as a coach?

Ben™: My main focus is to enhance my players' skills, knowledge, and performance, along with developing game day tactics and strategies based on who our upcoming opponents are.

Anything you can tell us about additional pickups for Team Dignitas’ roster?

Ben™: Without giving too much away. I can tell you that our upcoming roster additions are very exciting. They’ll definitely be a fan favourite and I can’t wait till we can share them with you.

Any shoutouts?

Ben™: Shoutouts to my family who took a while to come around to my career choice but have had my back from day one. Also to the boys at WDDM who have supported me through everything, they’re the real MVPs.

We thank Ben™ for answering our questions, you can find him on Twitter. For more news and great content, stay tuned with Team-Dignitas!