Interview with #DIGApex Mig_99 on Elite Queue, New Season and FACEIT



Wed 26th Jun 2019 - 6:47pm

After a period of silence around Apex Legends when it came to major updates, we're finally ready to say goodbye to the 1st season, Wild Frontier. With the Leviathans moving closer towards the mainland of King's Canyon and Dragons flying over the top of players' heads, we've also seen the addition of valuable updates come into the game. We asked Mig_99 about the recently added Elite Queue, what's next for Apex Legends in the upcoming season, and the major FACEIT tournament. Without further ado, let's get right into it!

How was your Apex Legends experience after the latest patch released?

Mig_99: I feel like after the Elite Queue was added, teams were encouraged to actually play together which automatically made pubs feel more competitive. The top 5 system really works. It's at least some type of reward for winning. I personally wasn't a fan of teams splitting up and queuing to just go off solo, so that's an added benefit!

What stood out to you the most in the most recent patches?

Mig_99: One thing I noticed was that the zone is definitely way harder to stay in right now. This prevents Lifelines from camping, which in my opinion, is a great change and makes the game more fast-paced. Now they can't go into the zone, stay there, and automatically get top 5.

Do you think that they can further improve upon the Elite Queue?

Mig_99: I believe that the top 3 should get into the Elite Queue instead of the top 5 if I had to think of a change. Also, top 5/top 3 streaks should land you in the upper part of the Elite Queue where you get matched against players on the exact same number of back-to-back wins.

What are your expectations for the upcoming season, Battle Charge?

Mig_99: I'm expecting to be grinding even harder than before, since a ranking system will be in place at the start of the season. With buffs to the Mozambique and the ranking system, I think that dropping hot will be even more challenging than it first was.

Has your playstyle changed over the course of your professional career?

Mig_99: When I first started playing, I wasn't good at all. My playstyle was very passive and I only tried to go for the wins. As I improved, I play more fast-paced and with a kill-oriented mindset.

What was your first reaction when you came to know about the FACEIT Pro Series?

Mig_99: I was very excited, not much was going on when it came to major tournaments. The fact that an organization like FACEIT hosts a tournament for Apex Legends means that it'll open doors for the professional scene as a whole.

Do you think that this a major step towards other tournament organizers also joining the professional Apex Legends scene?

Mig_99: For sure, someone has to start it right? When other tournament organizations see how a major tournament plays out, it may give them more initiative to also start their own tournament if it's successful.

BATTALION 1944 has seen the addition of a FACEIT matchmaking system in the game itself. Would this type of system benefit Apex Legends as well?

Mig_99: I've played BATTALION 1944 one night, and I do think it'll be beneficial Apex Legends. It's just another way to compete if you're not on the professional level yet, you can get noticed through their matchmaking system.

Any shoutouts to finish off this interview?

Mig_99: I want to thank Dignitas for giving us the chance to compete at the highest level possible!

We want to thank Mig_99 for answering our questions. Mig and his squad are competing in the FACEIT Pro Series at the moment of writing this interview. Check it out whenever it's back on to catch some of the hottest Apex Legends action out there!

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