Top 5 Weapons in Apex Legends by Mig_99



Sun 2nd Jun 2019 - 1:42pm

Weapons in Apex Legends have always been important, with some being blatantly superior to other weapons even if they fall under the same category. As of this moment, the meta heavily revolves around close-quarters combat and quick fights. This was one of the reasons we decided to ask Miguel "Mig_99" Medina, one of our very own professional players, to rank his top 5 weapons currently in Apex Legends. Keep in mind that Mig_99 has told us that this list is in no particular order. Without further ado, let's get right into the rankings!

1) Wingman 

The gunslinger's weapon, the Wingman, got nerfed significantly in the latest weapon balancing patch. It uses heavy rounds, which is always a plus since this type of ammunition is commonly found throughout King's Canyon. Outside of the early game, it's still considered a powerful killing tool when you also obtained an extended heavy magazine to go with it.

Shown above is the extended Heavy Magazine slot pictogram.

The Wingman is also a very powerful secondary due to its fast animation allowing you to shoot someone rather quickly right after you whip it out. It still does 45 damage on a body shot and can be used at any range. Don't count this weapon out!

2) R-99 

R-99 is considered one of the most powerful weapons in this game. This submachine gun has the fastest firing rate out of every weapon that's in the game as of this article's release date. Its damage is nothing to sneeze at and combined with the short intervals in-between magazines, it's widely considered an absolute killing machine in the right hands.

This weapon absolutely chews through your ammunition. Luckily, it uses light ammunition which is together with Heavy Rounds the most common type of ammunition. It also means that compared to the Wingman, you'll have a higher chance to hit your enemy. The damage is very good when you put it next to the firing rate, an all-round amazing weapon!

Mig_99 had this to say about the influence of a certain ammunition type for a weapon, "Common ammo types do affect the game and meta a lot. Light round and heavy rounds are some of the most common ammunition rounds at the moment and that is one of the reasons I use the R-99 and Wingman. If energy ammunition was more common, I could see myself utilizing the Havoc and Devotion since they put out massive amounts of damage at a very fast rate."

3) Peacekeeper 

A superior shotgun when compared to the EVA-8 Auto Shotgun, the Peacekeeper just does its job more efficiently. There's quite a lot to go through that's actually better about the Peacekeeper when you've practiced your aim enough:

• Fewer shells per reload but way higher maximum hit

• Stronger around corners

• A Precision Choke  can be put on the Peacekeeper

• It has less vertical recoil than the EVA-8

4) Havoc (w/ a Turbocharger attachment) 

Havoc has been significantly buffed contrast to what happened to the Wingman. Both its damage and the clip size have been improved ultimately making the weapon one of the best in the game. Finding a turbocharger is key for close-quarter fights, this will really make the weapon way more effective!

Energy ammunition isn't this weapon's strong point, but if you're the only one in your squad that uses an energy ammo weapon, you should be fine! This weapon is good at any range, it's just that you'll have to get used to the bullet drop to hit more on a longer range.

5) Prowler (w/ a Selectfire Receiver attachment) 

Last but not least is the Prowler. With its fast firing rate and good damage, it's hard to pass up on this weapon when you find that desired Selectfire Receiver attachment. The ammunition is common and the effective range of the Prowler is great up to medium range.

Mig_99 had this to say about the importance of certain attachments for weapons like the Havoc and the Prowler, "Some attachments can decide whether you pick up a certain weapon or not. For example, if I were to find an energy weapon but no Turbocharger attachment, I would most likely not pick it up since it takes too long to charge the weapon up before it fires. Another good example is the Prowler and Selectfire Receiver attachment combo which changes the gun from being a three burst weapon into one of the best full auto weapons."

Current Weapon Meta

So, which weapons will work well together in this meta? We asked Mig_99 for his take on this topic. He said, "In the current meta, I believe having any weapon that puts out damage fast that you can spray and match it with any of the shotguns (except for the Mozambique) works well. You can use the R-301, R-99, Flatline, Spitfire or Havoc - it all depends on what you feel works best for you. For myself, I enjoy using the R-99 for its fire rate and a Peacekeeper."

Since this list didn't include any Snipers or other long-range oriented weapons, we also asked him about his opinion on short-range weapons being a lot more popular compared to the long-range variants. Mig_99 laid out his thoughts, "Short-range and long-range both have their pros and cons. With Apex being a very fast-paced game, I find that close-range weapons work best for myself since I like to play aggressive and like to close the gap in which players can heal during a fight. In scrims and competitive play, some players tend to like the G7 Scout and Longbow but sacrifice having that close-range weapon when a teamfight breaks out."


Short-range weapons are definitely favored in the meta right now but with Season 2 looming in the distance we're excited to see what changes could affect the meta. For now, these are Mig_99's top 5 weapons in Apex Legends and are, up to a certain degree, bound to personal preference. We want to thank Mig_99 for answering our questions and working together with us to create this Top 5.

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