Interview with DIG Apex Player, CrozzOver



Tue 21st May 2019 - 6:57pm

Almost 2 months after Season One: Wild Frontier and the new Legend, Octane, have been released, the initial dust has settled for Apex Legends. We thought this was the perfect opportunity to speak to one of our very own professional Apex Legends players, Jaime "CrozzoveR" Alvarez. In this interview session, we covered various topics like his performance, game balancing and more. 

Hi CrozzoveR, have you been satisfied with your team’s results since you started playing under the Dignitas banner?

CrozzoveR: Yeah, for the most part, we're still fairly new but that's to be expected. We still have to work on some aspects of our gameplay like communication, but we're definitely satisfied with the majority of our plays.

Do you enjoy these type of “kill tournaments” or would you rather see a different approach to a competitive Apex Legends scene?

CrozzoveR: Kill tournaments are fun, but I would much rather play for the win against other professional teams. Sometimes kill tournaments can be very random. It sort of encourages a crazy playstyle instead of strategizing what your next move should be.

Could you describe your role in the team?

CrozzoveR: My role is the shot caller. Basically when our situation is becoming hectic, I'll be the first person to call what team we're fighting first. This also includes picking the location that we want to fight at if it's feasible and our positioning at the same time. In these situations, I try to be the one talking so our comms don't get too crazy. We do try to let everyone get their two cents in though.

What future content could make Apex Legends even more interesting on a competitive level?

CrozzoveR: To be honest, custom lobbies. They're huge and essential for a game like Apex Legends. If they do decide to add custom lobbies, I think there'll be many breakthroughs for this game.

Which characters are, in your opinion, the most viable for professional play at this moment?

CrozzoveR: Slowly but surely, everyone is learning these characters, to be honest every character has the potential to be in the competitive scene. Every single character that's currently in the game has what it takes to be viable, especially because players are still trying out new ways to approach a match differently every time.

For my best opinion, our lineup currently consists of Pathfinder, Bangalore, and Wraith. Just having the escape that every Legend in our lineup has is very important, we like to make risky plays and a good escape is key for survival.

What kind of changes could make characters like Gibraltar and Caustic more viable?

CrozzoveR: They kind of did a little bit of a buff with the heal buff. They gave them a little bit more health. That definitely made them more common in competitive play, but the character just has to sort of grow on you. I wouldn't say that Respawn should buff/nerf them. In my opinion, these two characters are in a good spot right now.

Do you think that the Wingman nerf was justified?

CrozzoveR: I definitely do not, it has been nerfed into the ground compared to almost every other weapon in the game. They tried to make the game more balanced but instead, they made the Longbow the next unbalanced weapon, which kind of defeats the purpose of their balancing patch. I mostly used the Wingman alongside an R-99 or the R-301 as my secondary weapon.

Are there any weapons, in particular, you’d like to see buffed/nerfed?

CrozzoveR: I would like to see the balance between the Longbow and Wingman come back into the game. I also feel that the R-99 and R-301 shouldn't have 18 shots in one magazine when you don't have any attachments. The impact of the weapon significantly increases when you find an Extended Magazine.

The general opinion in the community is that content is quite slow. What’s your take on this subject?

CrozzoveR: Mixed feelings. People don't understand that not every game can live up to the hype of Fortnite. It took Fortnite a year to actually push out as many content updates as they're currently doing. In the beginning, Fortnite got popular for a little bit, went quiet after, and then blew up after they announced the 100 million dollar tournament. I think Apex Legends has a lot of potential but people, in general, are quite impatient. Personally, I would prefer a solid foundation for Respawn to further build their game upon.

Regarding the viewer decline that Apex Legends has recently seen, I'm not too worried about it since there are many other competitive games that don't rack in as many views as Fortnite does. Take for example Rainbow Six: Siege or Counter-Strike when there is no tournament going on. Apex Legends has such a core community around it, if there'll be a league announcement it can definitely compete with other Esports titles.

Which type of updates are you personally looking forward to the most?

CrozzoveR: In-game skins and rewards after you've won would definitely help. I know that for us, at a professional level, we win more than average so it gets boring after a while because there's no incentive to continue playing. MMR in any type of fashion would help the game for the competitive community and cosmetic rewards would help for the more casual audience that Apex Legends has.

Any shoutouts to finish off this interview?

CrozzoveR: I'd like to thank Dignitas, my teammates, and Apex Legends for this. Thank you for having me.

With that, we'd like to thank CrozzoveR as well for letting us interview him. We're excited to see where the game will go in the future alongside our own DIG Apex squad and wish them the best of luck in their future endeavors.

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