Improving your aim in Apex Legends ft. DIG CrozzoveR



Wed 24th Apr 2019 - 6:47pm

When you sit down and think about how you can improve in Apex Legends, most likely you've thought about how to improve your aim. You're not alone! With many different weapons, attachments, and recoil in the game, it's hard to lay a finger on where you're actually supposed to aim. This is why we sat down with Jaime "CrozzoveR" Alvarez to cover various topics on how to improve your aim, including Attachments, practice methods, and more. Without further ado, let's get into it!

Practice Methods

It's obvious that just queuing into a match will also count as practice towards various gameplay aspects in the game, CrozzoveR also likes to use different tools to improve at aiming. One of those tools is called KovaaK's FPS Aim Trainer which he highly recommends.

KovaaK's FPS Aim Trainer is a game solely made for practice that can be bought on Steam for the price of $9.99 USD. This single-player game has a ton of different game modes that'll help you improve your aim in multiple ways across many different FPS, titles including Apex Legends. You can read about it on their Steam Store page.

CrozzoveR told us this when he was asked about KovaaK's FPS Aim Trainer: "KovaaK's FPS Aim Trainer has hundreds of different ways to train your aim. For example, I use the Tracking and Reaction game modes. I think they're very applicable to Apex Legends."

3DAimTrainer is a free alternative to KovaaK's but isn't as in-depth.

Solo queue practice is also an option, you'll learn to be less dependent on your teammates and practice movement at the same time, which is very valuable to your performance in Apex Legends. CrozzoveR told us more about his solo queue experience: "Movement is really important, it's what will set you apart from the average player with good aim. If I feel like I'm taking way too much damage, it's probably because I'm ADSing too much and need to focus on movement. As for legends, you should try and use all legends to see what fits you best."


There are many different attachments that you can find throughout King's Canyon, varying from Level 1 to Level 3 with the exception of a Level 4 Barrel Stabilizer currently being in the game.

On shotguns, the choke is the only attachment that makes it easier to aim. This attachment can only be used on the Peacekeeper shotgun and thus doesn't apply to any other weapons. Whenever you use the Precision Choke, you'll have to ADS to charge up a powerful shot. If you scope out again, you'll still keep the charge for 2 seconds. This allows you to actually fire a delayed charged shot that may come unexpectedly.

On every other weapon type (except for where you can't use a Barrel Stabilizer and a Stock on the same weapon, for example, the Prowler) the Barrel Stabilizer and [Sniper] Stock are by far the most important. These attachments reduce recoil the most, allowing you to "laser" an enemy with multiple bullets if you predict where they're going to dodge to. If you didn't find these attachments, it's hard to control some of the weapons.

Some of the best weapons that are heavily dependent on these attachments include:

• R-99 SMG 

• Devotion LMG 

• Spitfire LMG 

These weapons have a very fast rate of fire and/or a large number of bullets in each magazine. These attributes make it easy for your bullets to sway to each side or your weapon being forced to tilt upwards. To counteract the vertical recoil, you can drag your mouse down depending on your sensitivity settings. Always try to adjust yourself to your opponent's movement!

Sights & Scopes

When we asked CrozzoveR about his opinion regarding Sights and Scopes, he told us this: "It all depends on your playstyle. For me, I always like to have a red dot and a 2x HCOG on any gun."

We argue that the HCOG sights are vastly superior to the HOLO sights that you can find in Apex Legends. The HCOG sights have a wider viewing angle when you're ADSing compared to the HOLO sights, but can't be zoomed in like the 2-4x ACOG or the 1-2x HOLO.


The three different HCOG sights available in the game, from left to right: HCOG Classic (1x), HCOG Bruiser (2x) and the HCOG Ranger (3x)

Actually being able to see where your bullets are traveling vertically is the major pro for HCOG sights. Using the HCOG Classic (1x), HCOG Bruiser (2x), or the HCOG Ranger (3x) to scope in a little further is considered optimal when trying to utilize a spraying-type weapon.

Sniper scopes are fairly straightforward, with the only major difference being the zoom functionality on the 4-8x and 4-10x Digital Threat scope. No scope will help you improve when playing with a sniper. You should rather focus on the bullet drop which you'll be able to figure out after playing with the Longbow/Scout/Kraber long enough.

Hipfire and ADSing

Hipfiring and ADSing both have their pros and cons. Let's list the benefits of hipfiring first:

• Faster movement

• Swifter turn-rate

• Little to no obstruction of view

CrozzoveR told us this when he was asked about hipfiring: "Hipfire is really good on all types of weapons. You should only use it on opponents that are distanced at a close to medium range."

When it comes to ADS (Aiming down sight) there are multiple pros that can't be ignored:

• Stable/more precise aim

• Attachment activation (Digital Threat, Precision Choke)

• Ability to scout greater distances when utilizing a Scope

Other tips

Your setup is also very important. Multiple components of your personal PC setup can help you improve in all types of FPS games. Here are a few examples:

• A larger mousepad. This allows you to use lower sensitivity and utilize the full surface.

• A 144Hz monitor. Smooth gameplay has proven to increase your K/D rate on average in FPS games.

• A mouse that fits you well. Try to look for yourself what your favorite professional player is using or anyone else that's playing well!

The Dignitas Apex Squad uses the HyperX peripherals as their daily drivers.

Settings are also a very important aspect of improving your aim. Just be careful that you don't adjust your sensitivity settings too often! These are all of the settings that you can adjust if you're not satisfied with your performance in-game:

It's recommended to keep Mouse Acceleration on "Off".


That's about all we know regarding improvement on aim for now. We want to thank CrozzoveR from the DIG Apex squad for taking his time to answer our questions. His valuable input made this guide what it is!

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