Interview with DIG Apex Player, Shurimawizard



Tue 9th Apr 2019 - 8:18pm

Dignitas recently announced that they're dropping into Apex Legends by signing three new players to join under the Dignitas Banner. One of those three players is Nhan "Shurimawizard" Le, an ex-H1Z1 professional who has competed in multiple tournaments and competed among the best in the game. We've had a chance to sit down with Shurimawizard and talk to him one-on-one about joining a renowned esports organization, his professional experience in Battle Royales games, and Apex Legends. Let's get into it!

Congratulations on joining Dignitas! How does it feel to be picked up by a team that’s backed by the Philadelphia 76ers?

Shurimawizard: It feels amazing to join a renowned esports organization like Dignitas. I know that I have a financial backup and that allows me to dedicate more time to improving. It’s reliability I didn’t have before.

How long have you been playing first-person shooters for?

Shurimawizard: I’ve been playing first-person shooters for my entire life. I started off playing Half-Life and CS 1.6, which I’ve put quite the number of hours into back in the day. H1Z1 is the first-person shooter I’ve put the most hours into.

How did you get into the Battle Royale genre?

Shurimawizard: I was watching some Twitch and when I opened Trick2G’s stream I saw him playing H1Z1. I immediately wanted to try it out. I never played a game like this before, so it felt fresh and fun compared to other experiences in first-person shooters.

What made you switch from H1Z1 to Apex Legends compared to other Battle Royale games like Fortnite or PUBG?

Shurimawizard: So, back in the day H1Z1 had very good movement and shooting mechanics which I definitely liked. Fortnite relies too much on building for me and I feel like PUBG doesn’t have smooth movement like H1Z1. Apex Legends has very fast movement due to sliding. On top of this, I also prefer the gun mechanics compared to the other BR games.

What are the strengths of your newly formed squad?

Shurimawizard: All three of us have a great deal of experience when it comes to a professional environment. We're confident in our ability to analyze and improve upon mistakes that we make in a match. We also have the drive to win games even under pressure, our tournament experience solidifies that.

You’ve played with your teammate, Mig_99, for quite a while now. In what ways do your playstyles work well with each other?

Shurimawizard: Mig is more of a laid-back, supportive teammate compared to my own playstyle which is more aggressive. You could call him our in-game leader because he communicates whether we're playing too aggressive or too passively. He also plays more to the back of the battlefield to get an optimal understanding of where enemies are and communicate that back to us. He definitely improves positioning for the whole squad.

Have you ever had problems adapting to a competitive environment?

Shurimawizard: No, maybe the first time when I actually went to a LAN tournament but outside of that I don't think I've ever had any problems. I've participated in many tournaments so I don't think Apex Legends tournaments will be an exception.

What does a game like Apex Legends need to get an esports scene going?

Shurimawizard: I hope they'll try to push more content to the game, for example, a ranking system would be something that encourages players to play competitively and fits within a game like Apex Legends. Expanding the Legend Roster is never a bad thing, it'll create more scenarios and allow for more varying team compositions. Custom Games are also a high priority, these will allow tournament hosts to make their own lobby instead of the random lobbies that anyone can join.

Are there any tournaments in particular that you’re excited to compete in?

Shurimawizard: I'm excited to compete in any tournament that I possibly can, though I don't particularly like the way tournaments are done at the moment. Achieving the most frags out of every competing player feels like it has too much RNG involved. If you have a hacker in your public lobby, you've instantly lost the game or if you get worse than average squads against you, you'll win more easily.

How do you foresee the future of competitive Apex Legends?

Shurimawizard: If Respawn Entertainment is willing to push competitive esports in Apex Legends I feel like it'll be amazing. It's fun to watch and it's also a fast-paced game with enough action going on throughout the duration of a match. I hope that they'll reward kills more instead of solely rewarding the winning squad. I would also prefer LAN tournaments over online since you'll never know who's cheating.

Any shoutouts to finish this interview?

Shurimawizard: I want to shoutout my teammates, CrozzoveR and Mig_99. They're working very hard since the beginning. I also want to thank Dignitas for picking us up and we'll try to do our absolute best!


We want to thank Shurimawizard for taking his time to answer our questions, and we wish him and his squad the best of luck in their future endeavors. Did you miss their roster announcement? Make sure that you read it here.

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