Team Dignitas is looking for motivated writers



Tue 12th Sep 2017 - 6:00am

In order to maintain an active article section on our website, where you can find all sorts of articles, guides and interviews for your favorite game, we're looking for talented and motivated writers who would like to gain some more experience and/or just want to help us grow our content section.

Although it does not always work out for everyone, several members who started as volunteer writer have been able to use that experience to move on to other esports companies to take on leading functions. Two staff members of Team Dignitas are now part of Riot Games and two of our active writers are paid freelancers for!

If you are looking to gain experience or set your first steps in the world of esports then this is the right position for you.


What are we looking for?

We're looking for creative theorycrafting articles, guides aimed at players of all levels, interviews with top players or well known casters and so on. We will assist you as much as we can when trying to grab top players for some input for your article, or incase you are trying to interview them.

General requirements:
- 16 years or older
- Good written English skills
- Able to submit an article roughly every 2 weeks.
- Previous writing experience is a bonus but not a must

1. MOBA writers: League of Legends, Smite, HOTS

Type of articles: guides to improve certain aspects of your game (warding, farming, laning,... ), item analysis, meta discussions, theorycraft ...

- Have atleast 200+ games played on your account. Obtained max level and a rank.
- In case of LoL: Silver or higher rank

2. First Person Shooter writers: PUBG, Counter-Strike Global Offensive

Type of articles in CSGO: articles explaining offensive and defensive strategies, smoke guides, loadout discussions, general tips and tricks, theorycraft ...
Type of articles in PUBG: Anything! We're very open minded because it's a brand new game so feel free to get creative!

- Master Guardian 1 or higher (CSGO)


3. Super Smash Bros Melee

Types of articles: all kinds of guides to help people improve. You'll be working on articles solo but you will also get the opportunity to work alongside our Melee pro players!


What do you get from this?

After a trial period you will become an official member of the Team Dignitas esports organisation and you'll receive similar benefits as our players do, including sponsor goodies, merchandise and paid trips to events. You'll also receive the occassional paid content tasks.


How can you apply or find out more about this?

You can send a cover letter or any further questions to sui[at] . Please introduce yourself, highlight your gaming experience, your content ideas and tell us why you would like to join us.

We hope some of you are interested in joining our content crew and hopefully we will see your contributions featured on our website soon!

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  • Sun 18th Jun 2017 - 10:54pm

    Is there a format our application has to follow, or do we just have to show that we meet the requirements above?

  • Fri 9th Jun 2017 - 4:26am

     Hello guys!

    Can you tell where to send my application? Or if the link in the article is a valid e-mail adress. 


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