Welcome HugS as Super Smash Bros Melee player!



Fri 12th Jan 2018 - 6:00pm

Continuing on with the exciting announcements to open up 2018, Team Dignitas has entered the Super Smash Bros. Melee scene, bringing in a veteran player with over ten years of experience and also regarded as one of the game's best Samus players.

We're excited to welcome Hugo "HugS" Gonzalez to Team Dignitas. Based out of Southern California, HugS has played competitive SSBM since 2004. His first tournament was MLG Los Angeles 2004. It was in 2006 that he started turning heads on the MLG 2006 Pro Circuit. HugS secured a number of top eight finishes during that 2006 season, including MLG Anaheim 2006, MLG Orlando 2006, MLG New York Playoffs 2006 and MLG Las Vegas 2006. 

HugS has participated in a number of famed EVO events. Most notably, at EVO World 2007, HugS took home a silver medal, beating out 268 other opponents. With an astonishing 150+ tournaments on his resume, HugS is as veteran as they come in the space. 

In the 2017 SSBMRank report, HugS was ranked 23rd in the world. Most recently, he played for Selfless Gaming at the same time as our CS:GO Women's team competed under the Selfless Gaming banner. 

At the upcoming GENESIS 5 in Oakland, California, HugS will wear the black and yellow for his first tournament under Team Dignitas. 

Follow HugS:

@HugS86 on Twitter
/hugs86 on Twitch

/HugS86 on YouTube

Stay tuned over the coming days for two more big announcements about our competitive teams. For more updates, follow Team Dignitas on Twitter and Facebook.