Interview With One Of Team Dignitas' New CSGO Players - Who Is loWel?



Mon 9th Oct 2017 - 2:00pm

Just a few weeks after his initial introduction to the Team Dignitas main CS:GO team, Christian 'loWel' Garcia Antoran gave us the latest inside scoop on the team, as well as his thoughts on the Spanish CS:GO scene. The team are just coming off of the back of a 2-1 win over his former team, Mousesports, in the SL i-League Invitational Shanghai EU qualifier.

So firstly, you had a couple months between your departure from Mousesports and joining Team Dignitas. What were you up to in this time?

loWel: Well, during my time in mousesports, we played a lot of tournaments and I had been away from home for more than a month, so at the beginning I wanted to take a break. After I received some offers, I took my time to think about them and see which one was the best for me.

What were your initial thoughts about your new teammates in Team Dignitas?

loWel: I knew them from before, especially RUBINO and fox and I have a really good relationship with them. That’s why I wanted to join Team Dignitas: I wanted to be happy and comfortable in a team. Together with jkaem, they are all really good players with a lot of experience, so I knew that playing with them in Team Dignitas would improve [me] as a player.

What do you feel you bring to the team be it inside, or outside, of the game?

loWel: I think I bring more firepower and good ideas from what I learned in mousesports. I also consider myself a calm player and always try to hype up my teammates and help them when things aren’t going so well.

What has been your team’s focus during practice these last few weeks?

loWel: Our focus has been on improving our map pool, come up with tactics, setups, etc. We are a new team and we [have] played in a lot of qualifers lately, so it has been kinda hard because we didn’t have the time that we wanted [to prepare] for it. But I think we are doing well, we just need time.

What kind of roles are you being asked to play? Are they roles you have played before?

loWel: My main role is the entry fragger and that’s a role I’ve played before. I think it’s the best role fitting my playstyle.

You have been playing a few online qualifiers for big events with the team, how would you rate the team's performance and what needs to improve?

loWel: I think our performance is good so far considering we've only been practicing together for three weeks. We lost to LDLC and Heroic in some important qualifers, but those teams played really well and have improved a lot lately. Just now we won against mousesports, a really good team. Our attitude was really good. If we can keep it for the future, we will improve even more, with more time to practice.

What events is the team looking to prepare for and what are your expectations in the coming months?

loWel: We are looking to qualify for every tournament possible and there are a lot of online qualifers. We also have the ASUS ROG Masters in Germany in one week with a lot of good teams, but if can go into the event with the same attitude we had against mouz, we will do some damage and I’m pretty sure we can [win] it.

Do you feel international teams can be the best in the world, like their single nationality counterparts?

loWel: It’s a hard question. I think international teams have the potential to be the best of course, like FaZe right now, but the problem is the language barrier. Even though they talk in English, the communication is not as fast as if everyone is from the same country. For those teams, everything is faster, calls, setups, especially for the ingame leader.

Which rising Spanish stars do you expect to see on new international line-ups?

loWel: In Spain we have some potential, but the players need to improve their attitude. Compromise, be humble and of course try to get experience at the top level. I would say EasTor, DeaThZ, NaOw, mopoz would be players that can reach a good international level with hard work and good attitude. But right now I think no one can play at a top level - they just need to improve on the things I said. They can definitely do it in the future.

According to Joe Cardali, you will be mixing the WESG qualifier with Mixwell among others. Should we expect to see some new Spanish talent playing with you guys?

loWel: We've been talking and we are going to try to get players without experience that we think can improve and be good players in the future. We want to give them the opportunity to play with us in an important tournament like WESG and try to help them with everything that we learned in our teams. [Nothing's] 100% sure yet, we just need to think about it and see what kind of team we can make.

ESL announced the Clash of Nations, a LAN taking place in Madrid featuring winners of their regional competitions from around Europe, as well as two extra Spanish teams. What impact do you feel it will have on the Spanish scene?

loWel: It’s really good for the Spanish scene. We need things like this, so teams from Spain have the opportunity to show their strength against good teams and get experience. That’s what we need.

Thanks for the interview, any shoutouts?

loWel: Thanks so much for the interview, [it was] my pleasure. I just want to thank everyone who supports me and my team, especially all the fans of Team Dignitas, as well as our sponsors.


Thank you loWel for the interview! Be sure to follow him below.