Team Dignitas Is Hiring An Experienced Video Production Crew!



Sun 16th Apr 2017 - 9:55am

Team Dignitas is hiring a video production crew with professional experience in the Los Angeles area to produce our esports content. As one of the largest esports teams in the world and still growing, with seven professional gaming teams and a streaming squad, we are looking to take our content to the next level.

The perfect crew has experience working for esports organisations and is able to manage every aspect of our major content projects, starting from pitching concepts and going from pre-production to post-production. Your crew has all the resources required to produce quality and engaging content, including top quality equipment.

Job requirements

- Based in LA area
- Able to handle complete video production
- Able to do 3-4 projects per month
- Prior experience working with gaming/esports footage
- Basic knowledge of esports titles such as LoL, CSGO, Smite, Overwatch and HOTS.

We're also looking for additional freelance editors to help us with other on-going projects so if you feel like you can help out then feel free to apply as well.

To apply, please reach out to sui[at] for more information.

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