Team Dignitas Is Hiring A Fresh Video Editor!



Wed 25th Jan 2017 - 9:07am

Team Dignitas is hiring a video editor with a fresh, young mind to help us create entertaining content for League of Legends. Team Dignitas competes in the North American League of Legends Championship Series (LCS) and has recently been acquired by the Philadelphia 76ers. Our League of Legends lineup is actively competing in LCS and streaming almost daily which we want to highlight to our fans.

You will work as a freelancer and create monthly or bi-weekly montages of our team competing and streaming. You know how to take long footage and turn it into something short and fresh that keeps fans entertained. Internet memes are your second language but you know where to draw the line and keep things professional. We'd call this position the Lead Meme Lord but you know... professionalism. Deadlines are important to you and you're always open to feedback!

This is your chance to join the esports experience and play a crucial role in the day to day operations of our League of Legends content team.

Job requirements

- 16 years or older
- Speak fluent English
- Know your memes
- Good communication skills
- Prior experience in video editing and able to show samples
- Graphic skills is a bonus, not a must
- GIF knowledge is a bonus, not a must

This is a paid position, required immediately. You will work remotely from home, so we accept applicants worldwide.

To apply, please email the following information to sui[at]

1. Your resume
2. A cover letter explaining your motivation and editing experience
3. A link to your Youtube channel or previous work
4. One demo (see below) included as a Youtube link and uploaded as an unlisted video

As a first test we would like to ask all applicants to make a funny montage of our first NA LCS week. You can use the footage of our match against Phoenix1 and Cloud 9, as well as all other footage you're able to obtain from the NALCS stream. Of course, you may add your own clips or memes. Music used needs to be viewable worldwide on Youtube, check the music policies on Youtube for licensing information. The video should be ~2 minutes long. Your goal is to entertain us and make us laugh throughout the video! As a dank memer you of course know where to draw the line so you don't go too far with your memes.

Applications will be open until February 10th. Best of luck, we are very excited to see all your applications and welcome one (or multiple) of you to our content team!