Interview With Dig SMITE Player QvoFred - The Start Of Season 6



Mon 8th Apr 2019 - 7:19pm

With the Season 6 pre-season officially over and the start to the season officially underway, I talked with Anders "QvoFred" Korsbo about how the team made sure they were ready to start the season off strong. With a dominant win in their first match of the season against Spacestation Gaming, the boys in black and yellow are definitely looking strong. I also found out QvoFred's thoughts on the top junglers, teams, and King Arthur.

With Phase 1 of SPL now underway, how do you feel about the progress the team made during the pre-season? 

QvoFred: I feel pretty good about it. It’s fun to see the new faces on the team and it’s just exciting all around honestly. I feel coming into it we had Hurriwind playing from NA and once we are together in real life and we can scrim on proper ping and proper settings, it’ll feel really good.

How do you feel Ataraxia and Hurriwind are fitting in so far? 

QvoFred: I feel Hurriwind and Ataraxia are fitting in really well. I’ve always had a high opinion about Ataraxia because I’ve always seen him around in the years I’ve played SMITE. I always knew he was level-headed and smart about the game. I didn’t know much about Hurriwind, but I’ve seen his performances and he’s always been solid. So far, I’m super happy about their addition to the team.

Once you guys all get under the same roof, do you have any idea of what your schedule will be like in terms of balancing scrims, practice, and free time? 

QvoFred: We haven’t had the best start to the season because we’ve had to drive to the studio to scrim, but we scrim twice a day for like 3 hours and then me and the boys hit the gym and make food together. We play around 6 hours of team practice and then some ranked here and there.

Who do you predict to be a few of the top teams this season and are there any teams that you are particularly excited to play against? 

QvoFred: I think Dignitas, Pittsburgh Knights, RivaL and Splyce are going to be the top 4 contenders this year so far. I’m mostly excited to play Pittsburgh Knights because they look really good and also because our former teammate Zyrhoes plays for them now, so it should be really exciting.

You took the win against Spacestation Gaming 3-0 in pretty dominant fashion. Were you completely satisfied with the way the team played or did you still notice things that could have went better? 

QvoFred: Overall, going into that match with it being our first and without having too much practice going into it, I was super happy about the results. I feel like we played clean for the most part. There were a couple mistakes that shouldn’t have happened, but I was super happy with our performance overall.

You played exceptionally well with a couple of great games as Serqet in there. Were you happy with the way played on a personal level? 

QvoFred: I was definitely happy about my own personal play. I always feel like I can play better when I look back at it later. Going into the year with that start – I feel good about it. I can only have high hopes for the rest of the season.

Which junglers are you considering as the top tier this season and what makes them so strong right now? 

QvoFred: Ratatoskr, Nemesis, Hun Batz, and Ravana – these four guys are definitely pretty good at the moment. Ratatoskr is really good for early pressure and the way SMITE is played right now is all about early pressure and invading. I think Ratatoskr is one of the few really good gods at the moment.

Let’s talk King Arthur. Do you think he needs a nerf or is Variety just that good? He played exceptionally well as Arthur versus SSG with a couple of great plays including a 1v4 double kill. 

QvoFred: I think King Arthur at the moment is a bit too strong, but I think Variety has gotten him down to a point where he’s just really confident with him and he plays him really well. We’ve played other teams who haven’t had the same success with him, but I do think he’s really good right now overall.

Do you think Dignitas has a shot at winning that World Championship this year? 

QvoFred: Honestly, this year I have super high hopes. With former teams we’ve had high potential, but we had trouble reaching that potential. Having Ataraxia and Hurriwind brings more discipline in the scrim and practice environment and I think that will carry over to our performance on stage.

Thank you for taking the time to answer some questions!  Is there anyone that you would like to give a shoutout to? 

QvoFred: Shoutout to all the fans supporting us.  Shoutout to HyperX, Mountain Dew, and all the other boys behind us!

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