Interview With Dig SMITE Support Trixtank - Preparing For The New Season



Thu 21st Feb 2019 - 9:23pm

I got to chat with Jeppe "Trixtank" Gylling about how he and the rest of Dignitas are preparing for the upcoming season. With a couple new additions to the roster, Ataraxia and Hurriwind, they will be looking to come together as quickly as possible in the preseason. With the preseason already underway, Trixtank lets us know how things are coming along and what his goals are for this year.

With the Season 6 preseason underway, what are you and the rest of the team wanting to work on most before the season fully begins?

Trixtank: First and foremost, we're focusing on getting the team synergy to click and after that trying to figure out what is good in the new season. There has been some changes and we have to figure out the best way to play the game now.

What does practice and scrimming look like for the team during the preseason? How many hours per day/week are you putting in?

Trixtank: When we move to America, it is going to be two blocks with 3 hours each, 5 days per week. Before that, we are doing 3 hours of team practice four times a week.

During the off-season, Ataraxia was brought on as the new Dignitas Hunter. How has it been with him on the team so far and what do you feel he can bring to the synergy of the team?

Trixtank: We have not been able to play a lot together yet, but I am pretty sure he will bring a lot of skills and knowledge that will help me in the lane. He is a very smart ADC, so I'm looking forward to playing with him properly.


Hurriwind also came over during the off-season from CLG as the new Mid-Laner for Dignitas. What do you hope that he can bring to the team?

Trixtank: I'm confident he brings good communication and just some new energy. He is a very committed player, so I hope to see him grind and wanting to try new things out!

This is the first time the Dignitas SMITE lineup has changed in roughly two years. Do you think this new group will be able to take the World Championship this year?

Trixtank: I am pretty sure we have a great chance. We formed this team to be more innovative in our combos and try to be one step ahead so, as long as we focus on that and play some good Smite, we should be able to win it all!

Speaking of new lineups, many roster shuffles took place during the off-season. Are there any teams out there that you’re particularly excited to play against?

Trixtank: I'm excited to play against Trifecta, mainly because my IRL friend Lasbra is playing on the team! 

Besides working on things as a team, are there any things that you specifically want to improve or work on in regard to your own game?

Trixtank: I feel like I had a solid year last year. At the moment, I need to focus on all aspects of the game and just make myself better. I'm focusing on my mechanical performance, comms, and my awareness!

Are there any other Supports players out there that you have a high respect for?

Trixtank: I highly respect Emilzy, another player that just plays solid Smite. We are good at everything and can fit into any meta!

How do you feel about the current state of SMITE as a game in general and as an esport?  If you could, are there any changes that you would make?

Trixtank: Smite is in a good state overall. The game is not broken in any way. I would change the servers in Smite if I could, but that's it. When it comes to the game and the current state of Smite, I feel like it is in a good place!

What has been your favorite SMITE memory so far?  

Trixtank: My favorite Smite memory will always be winning the Launch tournament, mainly because I turned 16 that day and it was my first LAN!

As a final, easy question – about how many hours total do you think you’ve put into the game?

Trixtank: If I am on the grind, I play 12 hours per day, so it is a lot of hours. If I am in an off-period in Smite, I play roughly 4 hours per day!

Thank you so much for taking the time to answer some questions!  Is there anyone that you would like to give a shoutout to?

Trixtank: Shoutout to Lasbra for making SPL this year. I'm looking forward to what he will do!

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