Post-Worlds Interview With Dignitas Jungler - QvoFred



Fri 30th Nov 2018 - 12:44pm

The 2019 SMITE World Championships took place from November 16-18 and Dignitas came in as the #1 European seed. Dignitas ended up taking 3rd/4th place after falling to Splyce 0-3 in the Semifinals. I spoke with Anders "QvoFred" Korsbo on his thoughts on the way Dignitas played, as well as how he felt some of the other teams played.

You came into World Championship weekend as the #1 seed. How confident were you coming into the first match against SSG? 

QvoFred: We were confident in our picks and our meta, but we weren't taking anyone lightly. 


As the #1 Europe seed, you didn’t have to play in the Qualifiers in the week prior. Do you think it was a positive or negative being able to sit back and practice in comparison to the teams that were still on a roll from battling their way through Qualifiers? 

QvoFred: I think it was a bit of both. It would have definitely been valuable to play some LAN games going into SWC, but being auto-qualified was a massive bonus also. 

You started the first game against SSG behind, nearly 10,000 gold at one point. What led to the turnaround in order to come back and take that first one? 

QvoFred: We had a lot of trust in our team fighting from behind. We just trusted each other, gave up what we needed to, and tried to stem the flow of their snowball until we could contest them in the late game teamfights. 

Game 2 ended up not going your way. What do you think SSG did so right in this one? 

QvoFred: They played extremely well again. I think we just lost our faith and patience. We got picked at times we should not have and made a mistake to defend a Fire Giant when we probably could have defended our base if we were given the chance. 

The final game between you and SSG ended with an Arkkyl pentakill. How did it feel when that final SSG player dropped, knowing you guys would take their Titan and the set? 

QvoFred: It was a relief. We definitely didn't expect them to put up that much of a fight, but they played outstandingly, especially Andinster on the Serqet. 

How were you personally feeling going into Match #2 against Splyce? 

QvoFred: We were confident, but cautious since they were an unknown team for us and had played so well versus Obey. 

You ended up falling 0-3 to Splyce. What do you think were the main differences between the two teams that led to their victory? 

QvoFred: Their picks were very strong against ours, but they also played lights out as a team with their drafts. I don't feel like we choked or even underperformed massively. Obviously, in hindsight, we could have changed a few things, but we stuck to our game and the better team won.

Splyce ended up defeating RivaL to win Worlds. Does this surprise you at all or are they just that good right now? 

QvoFred: I don't think it was a surprise after seeing their performances during the first two days. They deserved the win with the way they drafted and played. 

Did the final placings of any other teams surprise you?  I know many were shocked by eUnited falling so early. 

QvoFred: There were rumours that Trifecta was playing well in practice. I think the biggest surprise for us was on Day 1, when Splyce took out Obey 2-0. 

Overall, how would you say you played over the weekend? 

QvoFred: We played well, but not great. Unfortunately, that's just how it goes sometimes. 

What are the plans moving forward for you and the rest of the team? 

QvoFred: We will take some time off to assess, then see what happens. Nothing to really say about next year right at this moment. 

Thanks so much for taking the time to answer some questions!  Is there anyone that you would like to give a shoutout to? 

QvoFred: A massive shoutout to Dignitas. They go above and beyond for us, and it really sucked not to be able to get a W for them with all the faith and hard work they put into us.


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