Interview With QvoFred On The Fall Split



Wed 26th Sep 2018 - 6:27pm

We're only a few weeks out from the end of the Fall Split and, with DreamHack around the corner, the Smite Pro League has reached a critical stage in the season for teams.

Team Dignitas currently sits on top of the table in EU going into these crucial weeks ahead. We spoke to Anders 'QvoFred' Korsbo about how the split has gone so far.  

It’s been very good start to the split so far. What changed between Summer Split and Fall Split that made you perform your best again?

QvoFred: Things weren't really ideal for us during Summer Split. There was a bit of a lack of motivation and it was more important for us to avoid burnout before heading into the most important split of the year. We have been a lot more focused this time around.


How are you preparing for DreamHack specifically? 

QvoFred: We haven't really focused on preparing for DreamHack specifically yet. It's extremely important we focus on qualifying for the event first, especially after our performance at the end of last year.


With EU being a very competitive region with a lot of good players and teams, it provided some of the best sets this split. Most have been the likes of the top 3 but with Obey being competitive and Mouseports coming in with weird comps, what set has been your favourite so far this split?

QvoFred: So far, the Obey set was definitely the most difficult. They are always a tough team to go against when it comes to drafting, and it turned out to be a really close set that could have gone either way.



It’s been a great start to the split with a lot of good matches and some long drawn out ones as well, the breaking the base of Team Rival being one of them and Obey another. You’ve provided plenty of enjoyable Smite sets. What are you most looking forward to for the rest of this split? 

QvoFred: I'm looking forward to playing at LAN. Whether it be at the qualifying LAN or at DreamHack, I think that's what every player looks forward to most.


How has the team dynamic changed compared to last split? 

QvoFred: As I said before, people just realise that there is a lot more on the line this split so the overall effort and dedication has naturally lifted.



As all teams want to go to Worlds in November, this split is the most important one of the year which means a lot of players and teams have found a bit more to their game. Who has surprised you this split and why? 

QvoFred: I think Obey finding a lot more form has been impressive. I'm sure they would probably like to be a lot more consistent at times, but they are looking much more dangerous this split.



Each season has its meta and has what works best. This season we have it more focused on the jungle role. We’ve been seeing you play an important role because of the way the meta has worked this season, have you enjoyed being so impactful on games this season because of this? 

QvoFred: It's always nice to have a big impact on a game or set. I feel like I've been playing really well and also stepped up my calling during games and it seems to be showing both individually and as a team.


Ravana and Serqet have been favourite picks of yours. You picked them up in eight out of the eleven games you played in the first three weeks of the Fall Split. We also saw the success you’ve had on the gods in the previous splits as well. What is it about those two gods that you like so much? 

QvoFred: They are just comfort picks for me. They are really strong 1-on-1 all-in gods and I love that kind of play style.


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