Interview with Zyrhoes on the new split and the team's synergy



Tue 4th Sep 2018 - 7:42pm

The SPL is back! After a fiery and competitive Summer Split, the Fall Split is here and Team Dignitas is here and ready to make a difference. While their performance last split was less than most people expected, they're still a top-level team so they're definitely ones to watch this split. In light of this, we asked our star midlaner Joakim "Zyrhoes" Verngren about the new split, how they've improved, and the team dynamic.

How is your preparation for the next season coming along?

Zyrhoes: We have been scrimming for a little while now and it's going well. We are mainly just trying to figure out the meta and work on a few things we need to improve as a team after our long break.

You previously said you were not happy with last season’s performance. What are you doing differently this season to avoid last season’s mistakes?

Zyrhoes: We are focusing more on sticking to what made us champions at Dreamhack Valencia last year as well as taking more relevant information from our practice.

With some of the recent changes to the game, in what ways do you expect the next split will be different?

Zyrhoes: There are a lot of top picks right now getting through the early banning phase, so you may see a few surprising counter picks come into play in order to deal with them.

What are some changes that you’d still like to see to the game?

Zyrhoes: Perhaps just a few nerfs to the top tier characters in order to balance things out a bit.

Several of your teammates are now living together. What are your housing plans?

Zyrhoes: Biggy and Variety have moved to Denmark for the split into their own apartment right by Fred and Trix. Arkkyl and I are staying where we are for now, but may travel a bit later into the split for a boot camp or just a visit.

Do you believe living together as a team increases your synergy? Why?

Zyrhoes: Definitely for us. We all get along really well outside of the game, so being able to spend more time together discussing the game, as well as our practice specifically, can only do us good.

You guys have yet to make any roster changes even after a less successul split, which has surprised some people. Do you believe this team has potential to compete at the world championship?

Zyrhoes: We know we have all the pieces to be a world champion team, we just need to manage the way we put them together and play to the level we know we can when it matters.

How important is your coach to your guys' success?

Zyrhoes: I think a coach is very important to any team's success. Biggy does a lot for us both in and out of the game, in a lot of different areas.

What’s the biggest thing you learned from last split?

Zyrhoes: I don't think we fully had our heads in the game last split, so there wasn't a lot for us to take from it, other than to bust our asses during this upcoming split.

What teams do you believe are the ones to watch for the upcoming split?

Zyrhoes: NRG looks like the team to beat right now after dominating Summer Finals LAN.

What are your thoughts on Baron Samedi? Is he going to be a viable mid laner?

Zyrhoes: I don't think so. From what I've seen so far he looks a lot stronger in the solo lane in my opinion.

Do you have any shoutouts to conclude this interview?

Zyrhoes: Shoutouts to Babbo, as well as our fans and sponsors.