DIGscord Smite AMA Highlights



Sat 12th May 2018 - 12:30pm

May 7th was one of the rarely fun Mondays – Team Dignitas DIGscord channel hosted its first AMA, and our Smite team was there to chitchat with our fans!

In case you missed the AMA, don’t worry, there will be more. For now, we prepared Q&A highlights for you. Some of the best questions and answers can be found below! 

Q: Who's the shot caller?

Arkkyl: I’m the shot caller!

Variety: No, you’re not, hehe. I’d say me and Trixtank are the main fight/objective shot callers.

Zyrhoes: Don’t listen to Kenny, he’s lying!

Q: What's the story behind your gamer-tags?

Zyrhoes: Was usually called Zyros in other games but it was already taken in Smite so I added “hoes” for trolls.

Variety: I think mine came from a clan where we had variety + our initials at the end, which is why my twitch name is varietyhc, but then I just removed the HC to make it look more simplistic.

Biggy: My tag was just a nickname friends gave me at school. My first name is Kurtis so my friends called me Big K, then that got shortened to Biggy one day and I kept it.

Q: Who is the biggest troll on the team, and who is the person who keeps the rest in line?

Biggy: They are all trolls and I try to keep them in line!

Q: Who would you consider the invisible carry?

Variety: Probably Trixtank.

Q: What's your favorite game outside of Smite?

Trixtank: Favorite game outside of Smite is CS:GO. We are popping off in that game right now!

QvoFred: CS:GO and Fortnite are pretty fun outside of Smite.

Q: Why did you choose Smite over other MOBA’s (League, HotS, ...)?

Variety: I choose Smite because it’s more fun in my opinion.

Zyrhoes: I played LoL at a pretty high level before Smite. But once I got in to Smite the competition wasn’t as hard so it was a lot easier getting to the top.

Biggy: I just preferred the 3rd person style, and not having to click to move, to be honest.

Q: How did your family react when you decided to professionally game for a living?

QvoFred: Took some of time for family to acknowledge gaming, but nothing but support now.

Biggy: My family has always been super supportive, just a bit cautious early on.

Q: How many days a week do you guys scrim?

QvoFred: 6 days, usually 2 blocks of 3 hours a day.

Q: Which team are you guys looking forward to playing this LAN? And are you guys worried about Rival or will you guys shut them down like the past few games?

Zyrhoes: Looking forward to playing the NA teams the most.

Arkkyl: Not worried about Rival at all!

Variety: I want to play EUnited because everyone hyped up Benji.

Biggy: I’m also looking forward to playing EUnited, just because they are the world champs, so it would be good to see how we go against them since we didn’t play at Worlds.

Q: Any spicy picks coming on Masters LAN?

Arkkyl: We might have some spicy picks, yes!

Biggy: THE CROC!

Zyrhoes: Might spice it up with some Thoth.

Q: Is Harry going to be the croc main for Masters LAN?

Variety: I will be a croc main for the rest of my career!

Q: Are you guys ready for a best of 7 match?

Variety: If it goes to all 7 games, I’ll have to reconsider my life options.

Q: Why hasn't Trix busted out the support Bellona?

Trixtank: My team only lets me play Fafnir.

Q: How do you feel about the Worlds being in November this year?

Biggy: I like it. Travelling so close to Christmas and New Year is kind of annoying. Especially if you want to boot camp you can miss time with your family. This way Worlds are over and done with, and we are all home to do whatever for the holiday season.

Variety: It’s fine being in November to me personally, I think the only issue is the fans availability.

Q: What has been the biggest moment in your careers?

Variety: Coming 2nd at Worlds!

Q: After SR, were there any thoughts about disbanding?

Variety: I think we decided that we were going to stick together for another year and that we just messed up that one LAN.

Q: What do you think are top 3 supports for playing with randoms?

Trixtank: Terra, Fafnir, Sobek

Q: Should there be fewer game modes in Smite?

Zyrhoes: Yes, remove everything but siege! Hehe

Trixtank: I like the variety of game modes there is right now.

Q: If you guys could change one big thing about the map, what would it be?

Zyrhoes: Remove speed buff.

Biggy: Swap red and back camps on the red side.

Q: Are you guys like best friends now?

Variety: I will never be friends with these monkeys ;)

QvoFred: Good friends for sure, but I believe there is a general hatred towards Zyrhoes growing stronger every day, hehe.

Zyrhoes: I’m good friends with everyone but QvoFred.

Q: Describe your teammates with one word!

QvoFred: Zyrhoes is insane, Arkkyl baked, Trixtank toxic, and Variety muted.

Variety: I’d say there’re all beautiful!

Q: Cake or pie? and Pancakes or waffles?

QvoFred: Pie and pancakes, easy.

Zyrhoes: Cake and waffles!

A big thank you to everyone that joined us for the DIGscord Smite AMA, and the best of luck to our Smite team in their upcoming matches!