Interview with QvoFred: Spring Split, Upcoming LAN and Team Dignitas' Performance!



Tue 1st May 2018 - 3:50pm

Team Dignitas came out swinging in the Spring split, proving themselves to be one of the top teams in the region. As they prepare to move forward to the Spring LAN, a lot of fans have high hopes for them, with a lot expecting them to win the entire thing. With this in mind, we talked to our all-star jungler Anders 'QvoFred' Korsbo and asked him some questions about his performance over the split, Team Dignitas' success, and the state of the game/pro league!

With the split over, what is your impression of the new SPL format?

QvoFred: Playing best-of-3 sets is definitely an improvement. It feels a lot more satisfying to know you are going to get a result. It also makes the drafting and strategizing a lot more interesting for both the teams and the spectators.

What new team impressed you the most and why?

QvoFred: I don't think there are really any 'new' teams in Europe. Most of the rosters are pretty much the same as last year. Seeing Rival be consistently strong online though has probably been the most impressive though. Even though we beat them 2-1, it was a really tough set.

What was your favourite set? Why?

QvoFred: My favourite was definitely the Rival set in Week 2. We adjusted a lot in both our picks and bans as well as our play style after losing game 1. It was very satisfying to come back and win the set.

Which game/set do you think you performed the best in?

QvoFred: I'm not really sure exactly. I feel like I've been performing pretty consistently all split so far, which is a nice feeling.

You guys lost to NRG both times. What do you think the biggest factors that contributed to that were?

QvoFred: The biggest contributing factor was definitely our drafting. It is still so early on in a very new meta, so things are changing day by day. NRG felt one step ahead of us, but we have worked very hard on correcting those mistakes.

Which teams would you say are top 3 in EU right now and why?

QvoFred: Team Dignitas, NRG, and Rival. Those are the three best performing teams so far this split.

What balance changes have impacted the jungle role recently?

QvoFred: The small nerf to blink definitely made a difference. Most junglers were starting with blink even into CC because it was just so strong with such a short cooldown. Outside of that, the combination of changes to Crusher and Heartseeker have definitely helped in moulding the meta.

Do you think HiRez has done enough to counter snowball this season?

QvoFred: Yes. I like the way the game is at the moment. You can easily give up objectives, farm smartly and play around different areas of the map to slow down an enemy's snowball.

If the Spring LAN happened right now, who are your picks for the winners?

QvoFred: I think we could definitely win it, playing against either NRG or Rival in the final.

Do you have any shoutouts you’d like to make?

QvoFred: Shout out to all the fans supporting me and the rest of the Team Dignitas boys. We greatly appreciate it and will keep trying our hardest!

You can find QvoFred on his Twitch and Twitter!