Team Dignitas 2018 Spring Split Preview Week 5



Sun 15th Apr 2018 - 10:36am

The rematches continue in the second half of the SPL and Team Dignitas remains one of the top teams in the region, having only dropped sets to NRG so far. Let's see if they are able to repeat their success against the two teams they face this week

Team Dignitas vs Team Rival, Tuesday, April 17th, 7:00pm CET

Another top EU team, Rival gave Team Dignitas quite a challenge last time they face off but Team Dignitas was still able to take the set handily. A lot of that came down to Arkkyl and Trixtank's control over the duo lane. While Trixtank and Rival's support KaLaS were fairly evenly matched, Arkkyl really showed up against Vote, pushing him out of lane many times and dominating the matchup. This time around, both duos now have practice playing against each other, but Arkkyl's mechanical skill should still shine through and hopefully let him win this lane for Team Dignitas.

The jungle also saw dominance on Team Dignitas' side last time, as QvoFred ran circles around Team Rival's iceicebaby in Game 1 and Game 3. However, expecting the same result this time might be foolish. iceice is a very adaptive jungler, known for deciphering his enemies' strategies and changing his playstyle to effectively counter them. Therefore, if QvoFred tries to play against Rival in the same way as before, it might end painfully. However, if QvoFred himself adapts to iceice's playstyle, we could see another dominating performance from him and easy wins from Team Dignitas.

Both Zyrhoes and Team Rival's Wlfy had pretty impactful performances last time they faced off, with Zyrhoes' impact being more map control and damage based while Wlfy got a lot of impact kills. Wlfy was a big player for Rival and one of the big reasons they were able to keep up with Team Dignitas' pace. If Zyrhoes is able to exert more control this time, he could nullify Wlfy's impact, which could definitely put Team Rival on the back foot.

Finally, the solo matchup was fairly even overall, as it tends to be between Team Dignitas' Variety and Deathwalker. Both excel at the aggressive and lane dominating playstyle but it is worth noting that Variety had more success in team fights. If Variety can push this advantage in their rematch, he could force Deathwalker to play conservatively in the late game and also make a huge impact for his own team, which could lead to an easy victory for Team Dignitas.

Matchups between these two teams are always close and fun to watch and this one should be no different. If Team Dignitas keeps their cool and can control Team Rival throughout the entire game, their victory should be assured.

Team Dignitas vs SK Gaming, Thursday, April 19th, 7:00pm CET

SK Gaming was a fairly easy matchup for Team Dignitas last time and should be the same this time around. The biggest impact for Team Dignitas last time was made by QvoFred, as his performance was miles ahead of SK's Faeles. Faeles could not keep up with the pace set by QvoFred and therefore fell behind early in both games. If QvoFred can keep the same pace in these games as he did last time, the jungle matchup could be incredibly one-sided once more.

The duo lane also saw decent disparity between these two teams. Arkkyl and Trixtank from Team Dignitas exhibited better synergy, lane control and overall mechanical skill than Funballer and Badgah. Badgah, in particular, struggled to make an impact in the face of Trixtank's overwhelming dominance in both games, leading to Team Dignitas being allowed to play very aggressively and not getting punished. Unless SK's duo lane has updated their strategies, letting Team Dignitas do the same thing could lead to a quick resolution to this matchup.

In the mid lane, the dominance by Team Dignitas continued as Zyrhoes entirely took lane control away from Lawbster. With Faeles being behind as well, Lawbster was left to fend for himself against Zyrhoes and this proved to be insufficient. Zyrhoes' ability to rotate to camps and push at the exact times required while still maintaining lane presence and getting impact kills. If this same situation happens again, it would be bad news for SK Gaming.

In the solo lane, SK Gaming's Duck3y managed to matchup to Variety, if only for a short amount of time. Duck3y managed to hold his own in lane but Variety's late game prowess shone through and Duck3y fell behind as both games went on. Once again, unless Duck3y has developed new strategies to counter this, he will let Variety run away with the game again, causing another one-sided matchup.

Team Dignitas took this set cleanly last time and the rematch should go the same way. SK may have adapted to their playstyle but Team Dignitas was so far ahead last time that it's hard to see them losing this matchup.