Team Dignitas 2018 Spring Split Preview Week 4



Sun 8th Apr 2018 - 1:02pm

Having faced every EU team in the SPL once so far, Team Dignitas now faces a full set of rematches. With new knowledge of teams' playstyles and quirks, this second half of the split should be even better for Team Dignitas.

Team Dignitas vs NRG Esports, Tuesday, April 10th, 19:00 CEST

Team Dignitas' rematches begin with NRG, their most recent opponent. Team Dignitas lost their games to NRG recently so they are looking for revenge.

The most evenly matched lane last time was the solo lane, with Team Dignitas' Variety and NRG's Maniakk. Both of these aggressive players went toe to toe in lane, not giving up an inch either way. However, NRG's victories in other lanes meant that in the late game Maniakk had a bigger impact on the game, while Variety was playing more reserved, trying to play with his team more. This time, Variety should be able to maintain the same presence in the lane but also adjust his playstyle in the late game to ensure he can still keep up with Maniakk.

In the midlane, the situation was a little different. Zyrhoes really struggled to keep up with the pressure from NRG's Yammyn. Team Dignitas as a whole struggled to keep up with the pace set by NRG but now that they've experienced it first hand they should be able to develop strategies to counter it. Zyrhoes especially should be able to play more aggressively and confidently and play into Yammyn instead of reacting to him, which should help him stay even in lane.

The legendary jungle matchup between QvoFred and Adapting last time went Adapting's way quite handily. However, most of this was down to Team Dignitas falling behind later on. Overall, QvoFred managed to keep his farm game strong and got a decent amount of high impact kills, but Adapting's ability to coordinate ganks with his team later on put QvoFred on the back foot. This time, if Qvo manages to keep up with Adapting throughout the entire game he should be able to convert that into momentum for his entire team.

Finally, the duo lane was another place where Team Dignitas looked stronger in the matchup. Arkkyl and Trixtank managed to exert pressure on emilitoo and EmilZy because of their unfounded synergy and lack of experience playing together. Arkkyl was one of Team Dignitas' stars for the entire matchup, having the highest KDA on the team at 2.67. If he is able to convert that into pressure in this rematch, he could carry his entire team to victory. Trixtanks help will also be imperative, as Team Dignitas as a whole will need to play more conservatively but also more confidentaly.