Interview With QvoFred On the Competitive Season



Sun 7th Jan 2018 - 8:39pm

It has been an interesting year for Smite and an interesting year for Team Dignitas. While not qualifying for Worlds, Team Dignitas' new team took the season by storm, becoming one of the best teams in the region due to their high mechanical skill, great synergy and overall high level of team play. We asked our star jungler Anders "QvoFred" Korsbo some questions about the past year of Smite and Team Dignitas, as well as what he wants for the future of the game!

Overall, what are your impressions of the 2017 season of Smite compared to the previous ones?

QvoFred: Besides the fact that Trix and I made such a big change team-wise, this year felt fairly similar to the others. Gameplay and competition-wise it all seemed very familiar.

What would you say were the biggest issues this season and why?

QvoFred: I think the game and the meta just became very stale for a lot of top players who have been around for a long time. With the change to the SPL structure and the changes being made in map size and design, I feel like the next year could be the massive revamp for SMITE we've all been waiting for.

At the start of the season, a lot of people were complaining about the snowbally nature of the game. Do you think HiRez did enough to mitigate it?

QvoFred: It seems so. The changes in value over time for the Gold Fury, as well as the Portal Demon introduction and changes over time, really seemed to balance out the snowball effect quite a bit.

What are your thoughts on the state of the current map, especially the jungle and the amount of farm within it?

QvoFred: The common complaint is that as a jungler you haven't really been 'jungling' to the true essence of the word. The change to the map size, as well as the introduction of more jungle camps, really excites me as a jungler heading into next season.

HiRez have said Season 5 will have a new map. What do you hope will be different? What things would you like them to keep the same?

QvoFred: I don't think you want to make too big of a change, but for me, as I said above; I just want to feel like I'm a jungler rather than having to share so much lane farm. On top of that, I think it would be nice to have a bit more lore or interaction around the major map objectives.

Moving onto god balance, what was the most broken/unbalanced god at any point this season? Were they nerfed and if so do you think it was enough?

QvoFred: For me, it would probably have to have been Ravana around SMITE Masters time. He eventually got nerfed multiple times and it was enough for sure.

What kind of gods do you think the game needs going into Season 5?

QvoFred: I'm quite happy with the direction of the gods at the moment. I tend to not look too much into that kind of thing and just focus on working with what I'm given.

What was the most influential god introduced this season and why?

QvoFred: There were a lot of gods who came and went from the top tiers. For myself it would definitely have to be Ravana in the jungle; just like I mentioned before. Having a warrior be so strong all game as well as being safe with one-shot potential was a bit much.

What was the most broken/unbalanced item this season? Was the item nerfed and do you think the nerf was enough?

QvoFred: There were definitely a few in multiple roles. The most broken has to have been Sunder, which eventually got nerfed so much that you probably won't ever see it picked up in its current condition.

What was the most influential new item introduced this season and do you think it has changed the game in a positive and negative way?

QvoFred: It's hard to remember which items were introduced this season, but I don't think there were any major ones that really had a big influence other than maybe some certain older ones re-worked.

Many people are asking for more build variety for Season 5. Do you agree? If so, what kind of items would you like to see?

QvoFred: Partially yes. More items with unique passives that can counter gods/comps would give building a lot more variety.

What changes would you like to see to the current way the ranked system works? Matchmaking, TP, etc

QvoFred: It would be nice to have some sort of built-in system or queue in the client that allows only certain players with permission to queue and go against other high rated players guaranteed. Similar to the Rank S system in CS:GO.

What was the most positive change overall in season 4?

QvoFred: The most positive change for me would have to be the Portal Demon. It just created a much needed and completely new element to the game.


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