Interview with Trixtank: Team Dignitas' Team Dynamic!



Wed 29th Nov 2017 - 9:26pm

Team Dignitas has emerged as one of the best teams this season, impressing everyone with their mechanical skill but also their synergy as a team. Team synergy and the team dynamic is something that is often relegated to the background and is hard to discern from watching the pro league.

Therefore, we asked our support Jeppe "Trixtank" Gylling some questions relating to the dynamic between the players of Team Dignitas and specifically between him and our ADC Arkkyl.

How has the team dynamic changed/developed over the course of the year? How would you compare the dynamic of this team to ones you've been on before?

Trixtank: I think the dynamic between the team has been pretty good. We all have a good knowledge to the game, we all have something to contribute with to the team, and it is pretty much the same as our last team, just that I feel we have a better knowledge of what’s good in the meta with this team because we have the mastermind Zyrhoes in the team!

Who is the shotcaller for the team? Do you guys discuss calls or stick with one person's decisions?

Trixtank: I don’t think you can have a main shot caller, we all call whatever is needed and we see different opportunities, but if you listen to our communication, I will probably pop up as the main "talker" in the team, as my job is to make sure everyone is doing their job and having the control of the map.

How much of an impact does your coach have on your dynamic as a team?

Trixtank: My communication and leadership within this team has gone from 0% to 100%. I feel like I can actually easily lead a team to victory right now because of the help from our coach, so the dynamic has changed dramatically when he joined and he has been a HUGE help for me especially.

How do you guys keep morale up after losses or poor performances?

Trixtank: This is probably the most heartbreaking loss of all time, not making Worlds. With the way we felt and how we have been performing, it was just absolutely devastating. The only way to keep our morale up after a huge tournament loss is that everyone sticks together and we talk about what actually happened. We stick together as friends and not teammates, then get back grinding it out, forget about the loss and focus on the future.

Does anyone on the team tilt? If so how do you deal with it?

Trixtank: It seemed like no one could tilt the first two LANs we were at, but after regionals I think we all saw each other’s weakest sides. So we have never really dealt with people shutting down, starting to tilt ever before, which is a very important factor. Sadly it had to come at the worst time possible, but it is at least a big negative factor that we can focus on removing for next season!

Do you think doing activities outside of the game together improves your performance as a team? If yes, how?

Trixtank: It is definitely important that you can interact with each other, because if you don’t enjoy scrimming, it is not going to be good practice! So if you’re close within the team, personally, the chance of having better practice and then getting better is way bigger.

You guys are all from different countries? Is there any kind of language barrier? If so how do you deal with it?

Trixtank: The language barrier is not huge, mainly Arkkyl has a hard time talking much because his English is not very good, but it is okay: he is the ADC anyways, he just has to right click and be quiet and we will be alright. For the rest our English is pretty good so it does not affect us a lot, except sometimes we mix up right and left, so that can create some interesting situations.  

When it comes to actual games do you guys still crack jokes like we've seen in your scrim videos or is it all serious?

Trixtank: Scrims are usually more laid back but it surely happens that we crack some jokes in competitive play. You gotta keep the mood up and remind everyone that we are doing this to have fun.

Moving on to the duo lane specifically, how would you describe the dynamic between you and Arkkyl?

Trixtank: I feel like me and Arkkyl have improved a lot. I actually don’t think me and Arkkyl were a very good match at all before last split. I did not like laning with him the first two splits because of the language barrier and a different mindset, but this split we have been dominating, we have been soloing people CONSTANTLY in scrims and I feel like that is because I started to step up and calling in lane and making sure I lead Arkkyl instead of us having the same mindset and helping each other. Now I just make sure I tell Arkkyl what’s going to happen and it has really shined through to me how good he really is. He’s without a doubt the best ADC I have ever played with and the dynamic, even though we lost at regionals, is PERFECT.

What is the biggest piece of advice you can give to improve a team dynamic?

Trixtank: Be self-critical and make sure to listen to your teammates’ feedback and take it as a productive thing. This is the only way the dynamic will get better.