Interview with Arkkyl about the SPL, Super Regionals and Team Dignitas' Success



Wed 1st Nov 2017 - 7:41pm

As we draw closer to the end of the season and towards the Smite World Championship, Team Dignitas have emerged as one of the top teams in the region. They were crowned winners of the Summer Split and have been in the top few teams for the spring and fall split as well. One of the reasons they have been so successful is that their team synergy is some of the best in the scene. This is obvious when we look at our duo lane, where we see Kenny "Arkkyl" Kuska and Jeppe "Trixtank" Gylling.

We got in touch with Arkkyl to ask him about Team Dignitas' success, the scene in general and his thoughts on the state of the game.

Team Dignitas have been called one of the best teams in the SPL this split, what do you think about that?

Arkkyl: It's a good feeling, although I think we can be performing a lot better. I would say we were definitely the best team in the world after Dreamhack but have let things slip a little since then.

Who have been your toughest opponents this split and why?

Arkkyl: Definitely Obey. Things have been back and forth between us all year.

What was your favourite set this split?

Arkkyl: I'm not sure if I have a stand out favourite. It was nice to 2-0 Elevate after they had been looking so good during the early phases of the online split.

Who do you feel are the top 3 teams in the spl right now and why?

Arkkyl: I would have to say definitely Obey and ourselves. Outside of that it is hard to say with Rival, Elevate and NRG also in the mix for the top 3. You also can't forget teams such as Lumninosity or EUnited who are looking good over in NA.

Which team has surprised you the most this split and which player on that team has been the standout?

Arkkyl: Definitely Elevate. I don't think many people would have picked them to finish top 4 over Valance and NRG. I think they've all stepped up their game but DeathPanter would definitely be the most improved on that squad.

We've seen a meta dominated by EU for the past few LANs. Do you think NA has a chance at the super regionals/worlds?

Arkkyl: The group stage at Super Regionals should be interesting, although being best of 1's I don't think it will show too much. I think EU is still fairly ahead overall.

Moving on to your role specifically, what have been the most impactful items for ADCs this split and why?

Arkkyl: I don't think there is one item specifically. A lot of hunter items were cheapened so the role is overall very strong right now due to this reason.

What are your thoughts on Thorns? Do you believe it is as overpowered as people say or are there ways to counter it?

Arkkyl: I think Thorns serves a good purpose. The nerf in duration was nice, so it is now much easier to play around now although still very annoying. I wouldn't say there is a counter to Thorns, it is more just a matter of ADC players getting better at playing around it.

Do you have any shoutouts you'd like to make at the end?

Arkkyl: Just the usual shout out to all our fans and sponsors. Thank you for all the continued support!

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