Team Dignitas Fall Split Week 5 Preview



Fri 6th Oct 2017 - 8:00am

Team Dignitas faces their toughest week in the Pro League yet, going up against an incredibly strong team. However, Team Dignitas have looked equally incredible so far, so let’s see how they should hold up.

Team Dignitas vs Obey Alliance, Saturday October the 7th, 11:30pm CET

This matchup has been anticipated the entire split. Team Dignitas and Obey Alliance are considered to be the best teams in the region, if not the world. Obey Alliance are currently undefeated and many have speculated Team Dignitas will be the first team to find a chink in their armour.

Starting in the solo lane, we see Obey's Xaliea face off against Team Dignitas' Variety. Variety finally meets his match in this match-up, in terms of experience and lane dominance. Both Variety and Xaliea have proven that they can play any god and any playstyle their team requires them to. A common theme in this entire set is going to be how the teams work together and it is no different in the solo lane. If the junglers can put a good amount of pressure to swing it one way or the other, this lane could snowball easily. Expect to see the meta warriors on both sides, but also some spicier picks like Camazotz or even some guardians.

Speaking of junglers, Qvofred also meets an equal contender this week in the form of CaptainTwig. While Twig might not be able to match Qvo's pure carry potential, he can keep up with Qvo's adaptability and ability to set the pace of the game. Both players are willing to sit back and take roles where they focus more on jungle control and initiation. This means that we probably won't see these two players actually fight one on one, but if we do trying to predict the victor will be almost impossible. Expect to see a large variety of gods both picked and banned for this role, especially some more niche picks like Ratatoskr and Camazotz.

The midlane is where we see our only real disparity between these teams. There is no question that Obey's PrettyPriMe is a great midlaner with a lot of mechanical skill, but Team Dignitas' Zyrhoes goes beyond that. He has shown that his ability to control all aspects of the lane means that it is almost impossible to force him out of the lane. Furthermore, Zyrhoes has shown proficiency on several strong niche gods which PrettyPriMe may not be able to counter. However, CaptainTwig may be able to influence this matchup by focusing Zyrhoes, as these niche gods he's been favouring are all susceptible to ganks, especially Ah Muzen Cab.

Finally, the duo lane. These duo lanes are very similar in playstyles so once again predicting a winner will be hard. Both ADCs play very similarly, with Ataraxia and Arkkyl like to play passively, only going aggressive when they know they can win the engagement. This means the encounters between them will be slow, but incredibly explosive once an opportunity opens. Expect to see Ah Muzen Cab, Skadi and Cernnunos to be contested between these two ADCs. On the other hand, Obey's EmilZy and Team Dignitas' Trixtank are both incredibly skilled and use similar playstyles. They both frontline for their teams very effectively and are great at being aggressive enough to set the pace of the game while also not getting picked off too quickly. Expect to see Terra, Fafnir and Artio being hotly contested between these two.

This set is going to be exciting, perhaps the best set of the entire split. Obey may have the edge in teamwork and strategy, but Team Dignitas' ability to adapt should allow them to keep pace. A safe estimate for this is a split, but a 2-0 for either team is definitely possible.