Team Dignitas Fall Split Week 4 Preview



Thu 28th Sep 2017 - 10:53am

Team Dignitas continues to be one of the top teams in the EU region in this split, so far only dropping one game for entirety of the first 3 weeks. Week four sees them go up against 2 mid-level teams that should be no match for Team Dignitas, but upsets could happen. Let’s see how these matchups break down.

Team Dignitas vs Valance Squad, Thursday September 28th, 7:00 pm CET

Valance Squad is an amalgamation of several good EU players that has been picking up some traction recently for picking up some good wins. Of Team Dignitas' two matchups this week this one is probably the closer of the two.

Duck3y, the solo for Valance Squad is one of the premier solos in the EU region and should be able to give Variety a good fight. Both have similar playstyles, valuing lane dominance through jungle control and poke. However, Variety could have the edge due to his wider godpool, featuring gods such as Camazotz and other high impact assassins. Duck3y is mostly limited to tankier warriors such as Osiris, so he could get blindsided by Variety's ability to adapt.

Next, we see veteran jungler Faeles go up against his fellow veteran QvoFred from Team Dignitas. However, while they're both long time junglers, Faeles is completely outclassed by Qvofred. Faeles suffers from inconsistency and when he’s facing up against one of the best players in the world this is a serious problem. If Faeles performs, he may have a chance but otherwise Qvofred will walk all over him. Expect to see Camazotz, Nemesis and other carry-style gods from both players.

The midlane, for once, sees an almost even matchup for Team Dignitas' Zyrhoes. Valance's Lawbster is a strong midlaner, very capable in all the same ways that Zyrhoes is. This matchup will most likely come down to team rotations and which team can make the most impact in the midlane from the outside. Gods-wise, Zyrhoes will most likely play Sol and other auto attack based mages, while Lawbster has always preferred mages with big impactful ultimates, like Poseidon.

Finally, the duo lane is also fairly even. Funballer and BigManTingz are star players on Valance Squad, with a lot of experience in the duo lane. While Team Dignitas' Trixtank and Arkkyl have less experience playing together, their synergy is just as good. Arkkyl is considered to be one of the best adcs in the region, constantly shaping the meta and being on the cutting edge of adc strategy. Similarly, Trixtank has been revolutionizing support builds and setting the standard for counter building as a support. Even so, while this will be a struggle for Valance Squad, they have a chance to win this lane and it could have far reaching consequences for Team Dignitas.

Overall, this is a close matchup, but Team Dignitas' recent experience should give them the edge in map pressure overall which should lead to a conclusive victory.

Team Dignitas vs The Papis, Saturday September 30th, 7:00 pm CET

Team Dignitas' second matchup of the week should be a lot easier for them. The Papis achieved some success in the previous split, but they are no match for Team Dignitas.

The closest matchup is probably the duo lane, where Warchi and Dracomarino face off against Trixtank and Arkkyl from Team Dignitas. The Papis duo lane has some promise especially when playing aggressively but against Team Dignitas they will really have to pull out some niche strategies. Expect to see aggressive gods like Fafnir and Skadi on both sides.

The midlane sees a relative unknown MrNazer go up against Team Dignitas' Zyrhoes. This matchup will be quite daunting for MrNazer, as Zyrhoes is not known to ever let his guard down or make mistakes. His absolute control over the lane and surrounding jungle will make it very difficult for MrNazer to even get any traction. Expect to see Sol from Zyrhoes and more meta-friendly gods from MrNazer.

The situation is similar in the jungle, where Dheylo has to go up against Team Dignitas' QvoFred. Once again, Dheylo is a relative newcomer going up against one of the best players in the role. Dheylo will need to make something special happen to win this matchup.

Finally, in the solo lane we see Icreedx from the Papis go up against Variety. Icreedx is less of an unknown than the previous 2 players, having seen some SPL action. However, this should only really let him stalemate the lane. He has very little chance of winning it due to Variety's ability to absolutely dominate every aspect of the lane.

Overall, this should be an easy matchup for Team Dignitas and one they should only lose if they make many huge mistakes.