Team Dignitas Fall Split Week 2 Preview



Thu 14th Sep 2017 - 8:37am

After an insanely good showing during Week 1, Team Dignitas is back and ready to continue their hot streak. They face two opponents this week, so let's see what their matchups look like.

Team Dignitas vs NRG Esports, Thursday September 14th 8:30pm CET

Team Dignitas has always been good against the reigning world champions. With both teams being as cerebral as they are, their matchups always come down to a battle of strategies.

The duo lane has always been a highlight of this matchup, as it sees Trixtank and Arkkyl from Team Dignitas go up against iRaffer and Emilitoo from NRG. This could be one of the most competitive matchups in the region, but recent performance suggests otherwise. While Team Dignitas' duo lane goes from strength to strength, NRG has been suffering. Both players seem to be unable to keep up with most high-level duo lanes, resorting to extremely weird pocket picks, such as Serqet support from iRaffer. Unless NRG has changed over the past week, this lane should go to Team Dignitas easily.

In the midlane, the matchup is similar. Zyrhoes wowed us last week, not only with his level of play but by playing Ah Muzen Cab in the midlane and absolutely crushing it. On the other hand, NRG's Yammyn has been lacking recently. Unable to effectively exert pressure effectively across the map, this will be punished by Zyrhoes, who's ability to control the map is second to none. Even so, Yammyn' mechanical skill is still impressive, so this could be a lane to watch. Expect to see Vulcan, Sol and Thoth.

The jungle is the highlight matchup of these games. These two powerhouse junglers have faced off many times and recently Team Dignitas' QvoFred has been winning. NRG's Adapting was once considered the best player in the world and while he is still a force to be reckoned with, QvoFred has taken his title of best player. With the apparent ability to play any god or any playstyle, QvoFred takes the jungle by storm and controls it for the entirety of the game. Expect to see Camazotz, Nemesis and other high impact junglers in this matchup.

Finally, the solo lane sees a quintessential season 4 matchup, Variety going up against Maniakk, who recently moved to NRG. Both solo laners defined how the lane is played in the first two splits, so seeing them going at it again should be a lot of fun. Lane dominance is the name of the game here, so if Variety can get it he can use it to exert pressure across the map for the rest of the game. However, Maniakk is a tough opponent and will definitely make him work for it.

Overall, the matchup against NRG should be a breeze, but the world champions should never be underestimated.

Team Dignitas vs Burrito Esports, Saturday September 16th 7:00pm CET

Team Dignitas' second matchup this week is against Burrito Esports, who make a return to the SPL after passing through relegations. A fairly low-level team, they are stronger than they were before, so could make a surprise performance and give Team Dignitas some trouble.

Burrito's most recognisable player is Dzoni, the jungler. While he does have some impressive skills, QvoFred is miles above his level right now. When lower level junglers go up against QvoFred, they simply can't keep up with his level of jungle control and rotation. The same thing is expected to happen here, but if QvoFred lets it go to his head, Dzoni could gain the upper hand. Gods like Thor, Ravana and Camazotz should come up in this matchup on both sides.

The duo lane sees Kespainify and Fusify go up against Trixtank and Arkkyl. This should be a fairly simple one-sided lane. While Fusify and Kespainify have shown some capacity for playing aggressive lanes, Team Dignitas' ability to adapt should allow them to counter anything Burrito does. Expect to see Fafnir, Rama and other aggressive picks on both sides.

In the midlane, fairly new player FaraKrik faces off against his toughest opponent yet, Team Dignitas' Zyrhoes. This matchup also comes down to experience, because as much mechanical skill as FaraKrik may have, Zyrhoes' experience in the midlane and in the pro league will most likely leave him running circles around FaraKrik. Watch out for Vulcan, Thoth and Sol on both sides.

Finally, the solo lane is where the disparity between these two teams will be the most obvious. In a lane all about the mental game and outplaying your opponent, the tenure of Team Dignitas' Variety will give him the advantage. While Burrito's Sibi has been around for a while, he has nowhere near as much experience as Variety. If Sibi can hold his own, this matchup might go even. However, if he lets Variety walk over him, it could cause Burrito to straight up lose the game.

While these games may seem like they're entirely in Team Dignitas' favor, it is worth remembering that low level teams are usually still very good at the early game because they get to practice it the most. If Team Dignitas let their guard down early on, Burrito could snowball the game into a victory. However, this would require a huge set of mistakes by Team Dignitas, so is unlikely.